Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend Recap, Part 1

Good evening, one and all!!

Ah. We are home, safe and sound, praise the Lord. This past weekend in Ohio was just- amazing. There is so much to think on and pray and talk about, so many wonderful memories to cherish. And such great pictures to add to the (one day) old annals of our family's records.

Alas-small dilemma-The afore mentioned pictures, to complete a chronological account of our journey, are on the lap top, which is quite ill and at the shop getting the "A", "1" and 'Q" fixed. (actually they're going to just rip the whole smorgage board off and stick a new key board on) Hence fourth, a lack of pictureage!

So, I shall now journey back a few weeks, before the trip up north, before Thanksgiving, a day or so, and peek inside a window of our house on a cool November evening...Outside, where I am standing on tip-toe be side the window sill, the sun is setting, spreading a glorious painting across the sky, it's fading light making a cool, lavender time in the soft, balmy air...The tender grass beneath my feet is still green here in south Georgia, though it has lost it's thick lushness of Summer. It's always greener be side the house because that's where Mama dearest puts the sprinklers to water the flowers. A pink geranium near my foot puts fourth her last few blossoms before nestling down for the winter...her dainty pinkness is so rich in the hazy hues of the sunset...Inside, I can hear lots of different noises, they're volumes rising and falling, sometimes fading to a murmur, and now bursting fourth again in some antics...laughing reaches my ears, and the clatter of pots and pans...I hear the oven door squeaking open a dozen times, and the occasional squeal or cry of some child, the pettings or rebukings and lovings following, beautiful music turned up...the oven timer is beeping, and you hear names being called for, babies talking to aunties and uncles, and joyful squeals and laughing of extremely happy girls who are so very, very blessed and grateful to the Lord for all HIS mercy!!! All the aproned children in the kitchen are singing along with the carols, licking spoons and snitching icing...the mouthwatering smells of tomorrow's huge feast cooking wafts through the window to me...everybody on the farm is going here and there, running errands, fetching a missing ingredient or sending something to where it needs to be, or just off for a drive together...when the Campana's and Smithies arrive, you would have heard joyful hollers and dropped dishes, but they're not quite here yet...They should be here soon...

The sun is setting more and more, and my sisters are now on the back porch swinging because the weather was just to pretty not to step outside and smell the air and look at the sunset. I think I shall go join them!! Goodbye, precious reader!!The rest of this Thanksgiving weekend shall continue, God willing, some time tomorrow...Have a blessed night!

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