Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Our wonderful host, Daddy!

(Grace, this one is for you-LOL, I love that look!:)The Funniest Punniest of the night award goes to an very dear and unnamed individual, (you know who you are, my sweet :) who, upon seeing Kress, whispered over to her that she was "looking pretty saree". Haha...Stunning, Kressy Beall!
Looking great, Paul and C.! (I thought Paul's red chalk was such a cool effect!)Last minute prep back in the kitchen...


Matthew Thomas said...

Oh, and krescent's saree outfit is so cool! Awesome earings and nose thing to boot.

11acrewood said...

what a picture of me... I look like I'm concentrating a little to hard! LOL! What a fun, encouraging weekend we had with y'all! Love and miss y'all girls! God bless you all, Grace S. (for all)