Tuesday, January 19, 2010

CNYB Part Six-Final Installment

Well, this wraps it up, dearies! (my pity to all who had had enough pictures in part one :) We just love to look at pictures over here... :)

If you enjoyed these, there are two great posts here, and here for those who might enjoy seeing more pictures of the evening!
Trying to get ready for a group picture...that's always a circus act. :)
Sweet Dee and Gabriella waltz...Lovely sistersWilliam Cleveland and William Stone...aww.
The Trio (I love you, Dee and Mee...)
Wow!! (OK, y'all, I officially have gorgeous brothers!! :P)

"Andrew the Awesome"
Around 11:00 the first wave goes out... :) The dancing continues...Abbi, Rebekah and GraceI love the way pine smells!!Around midnight, Daddy dear and several of the fathers prayed, told stories, and gave admonitions and encouragement for the new year. It was a very special, sober time together.Listening...Little Gracia's tiara-so beautiful!!It's so beautiful to see Titus 2 (3-5) being lived out. Thank You, Lord.Sweet Jonathan! Isn't he a chunky bundle!?
Love this.
And this. :D Here's that group shot! Alyssa, this was one of our family's favorites from the evening...amazing, sista!
.....so suave and debonaire, John darling.
Martha Harriet reminds me of one of Vermeer's incredible masterpieces....
Cuties in Colonial
Emily's heirloom bracelet...beautiful, m'dear!
Some of the girls at around 2:00... (many of them had already gone home..alas, maybe next year we can take pictures before the evening starts, and get everyone in there... :)
Bretski finally leads in the final act of the evening: yea, 'tis slumber, sweet slumber in this new year of our Lord Jesus, 2010.

Farewell, yon readerlings...I shall posteth again in due time, God willing, of the many occurrances and curious sights that are seen on yonder farm. Also, mayhaps, it's many occupants might, at any given occasion, write out the thoughts and observations of the afore mentioned, if any should avail themselves to aid

The Devoted, yet sketchy at times, Scribe for the clan of Morton,



Mrs.Rabe said...

What an amazing event!

Thank you for your hard work putting the posts together! Was it held in the house or the barn? It was lovely where ever it was!

We would adore to have so many like minded families to spend time with...

Melanie said...

It sure looked like fun! Seeing these posts are the second best thing to being there :-) Your outfits were all lovely! I especially loved your moms dress... which pattern did you use?

You take wonderful pictures, dear! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have been a little mouse there watching and listening to all that was going on!!
What kind of music did you play??
Mrs. Vawser

Mortonclan said...

Dear Mrs. Rabe, so lovely to hear from you! :)

The evening's festivities were held in the barn, but the next morning's brunch and the rest of the weekend was mostly spent over here at the house...Yes, aren't like minded families such a blessing? We are so grateful for the ones the Lord has put in our lives.

God bless you!


Hello, Melanie dear! We missed y'all! We've enjoyed sharing the pictures. (Although I can't take credit for allot of these:) It's always so much fun to look back over old pictures and laugh and remember...such a blessing.

Doesn't Mama look stunning!? :D Alas, no pattern, though. This one was a remake of a gown we had made earlier, and we just stuck it on the mannequin and snipped away, to make it into a regency gown, of sorts. I thought it turned out really beautifully. 'Course having a gorgeous Mama really makes the difference... :)

All the guy's down here sure are looking forward to the snowboarding trip up y'all's way! ("Kitty and Lydia are wild with envy" JK ;)

May God bless you, and tell everybody we said hey!


Mrs. Vawser!! How are you? Hope you are all doing well.

Oh, all sorts of lovely pieces...let see, for dancing, it was mostly your classic waltzes, there were some polkas, and the music for the reels were sort of a Scottish/ country fiddle mix. Our family's favorite is Baroque music, so when we were not dancing there was some of that going, then a little sprinkling of the most wonderful light Italian opera, and some Yo-Yo Ma...Sound tracts were also played throughout the evening, namely BBC's Emma, The Sound of Music's The Landler, (sp?) etc. :) It's so fun to add new favorites!

May God bless you all~give that sweet Bb a hug for me! Miss you both!


Love to you all,

p.s. Mercy, this is one long comment. It’s a little epistle! ;) Sorry, dearies...

Anna Naomi said...

It looks like loads of fun! What a great way to bring in the New Year with friends! Thanks for sharing the pictures, which were so fun to look through!

I hope you and your family are doing well! I enjoy keeping up with your adventures. :)

Katherine for the McIntire Clan said...

Wonderful series of posts, Adeline! What a joyful, festive, fun time you all had at your beautiful farm. Maybe next year my family and I will be able to venture down for the 2010 Calathora Ball. . . :)