Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Today. And Lusciousness.


It feels like Spring in June.

My Mama is in the kitchen, cooking. Making hamburgers for lunch, and fresh tomato soup for supper (with Daddy's homegrown tomatoes!) with an Italian amount of garlic.

I am once again overwhelmed by the blessing of friends who are also like my sisters. Marth and I had an impromptu spend the night party at 'Manda's with Angelita last night. Sisters. Chick flicks and pillows and PJs and talking from our hearts and praying together.

Hydrangeas by the side steps.

 For beautiful music that makes you want to dance. I'm listening to this today!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIY51AaHN1E

The dining table overflowing with baskets of fresh vegetables from the garden. (any favorite eggplant recipes, mes cheris?)

The fact that I can rejoice and be glad all my days because of being satisfied in the incredible mercy of Jesus. Psalm 90 has blessed me so much.

And for pictures that make you smile and edify you just scrolling though them.

I give thee now, kind Observer, inspiration!

I love finding pictures that reflect God's love for beauty and craftsmanship. So. Here are my latest goodies to share with you.
A room with an odd assortment of furniture and hues of blue that make you think of the sky with a few quirky clouds.

This makes me laugh!!


And then this....
J Peterman. Mens jacket, with green lining. Olive green.
Why do I love squash so much? With onions? In a cast iron skillet? Timeless, incomparable comfort food.
Soft gathers. Gold bracelets. I love her hair. Nix that yarn like mess hanging down. Replace it with something turquoise and soft. Velvet? The cream silk...that golden yellow...

J Peterman again.
Behold, one of THE most gorgeous men's wardrobe ever!!! Ah....Just throw in some front zip sweaters...some bootcut jeans, white tees...some seersucker...Georgia boots...and a carnation for the lapel of the coat.
A shoe that delights my heart!! I'm in such a yellow mood. Look at the folds in the fabric!

Doesn't this kitchen just say "honey-come-in-dahling-and-eat-something-and-bake-bread-and-also-chicken-marbella-and-sit-and-talk-and-drink-coffee" ?
Eucalyptus is so. so. pretty in arrangements I think.
Another Louise Green that is 'dericious'!
 Another flowey yellow yummy!
 Delight!!! Stripes! French Provincial with gold details.

One of the most understated, stunning bags in the world. (Peterman once more)
Isn't this the sweetest little cake?
*Quiet sigh of pleasure*

Can it get any better, non?

And this. This is a picture of a lady homemaking and it is beautiful. 

I would so love to have this framed! This inspired me. I love, love love it!

So-what was your favorite? I love hearing what picture jumps out at people. :) My favorite was, of course, the girl in the kitchen, but then those shoes...and also the chairs. And golden yellow skirt. Oh, and isn't the chandelier in the kitchen stunning? Did you see that!?

Alrighty-I'm off!! Thank you for enjoying these with me.




Anonymous said...

Loved all the photos but especially the room with the odd assortment of furniture. I also liked the squash picture. My favorite recipe with squash is to cook it in olive oil with onions, a little garlic, chopped tomatoes, a little (or even a lot) of basil and then top it off with shredded mozeralla cheese. Yum.



Mrs.Rabe said...

I adore all the hats! Oh yes!

And the woman homemaking is so nice...

Lovely to see a beautiful post from you Adeline...

Love to all the Morton's and Smiths....


Stephanie said...

I loved the picture of the lady homemaking, as it gives such encouragement! Thanks for sharing!



Smith_Fam said...

Hmmm...the shoe is gorgeous, and so is that last yellow skirt.
The homemaker picture is sweet...I really love her braid! :-D
Thanks for the beautiful post Adeline!
Hope ya'll are doing well.
(another fan of yellow)

Anonymous said...

*SIGH* mmm that canary skirt, delicious! hope yall are doing well!! We were glad we got to visit with L&C at the W's the other night! :) Hope to see yall soon!

Love in Christ,

bek said...

I love the eucalyptus!
Living in Australia we have SO many beautiful eucalyptus trees - it has given me an idea for some flower arranging with my eucalyptus tree :)