Friday, September 24, 2010

A Spring Luncheon, and A Summer Luncheon

Luncheon...The very word brings to mind tasty little sandwiches, flowers, dainty sweets and little white frocks, chatting ladies with cooing babies in Moses baskets, green grass, white table cloths...This year we've been invited to two such charming little gatherings, and were so blessed by each!

The First:
At the Dan S.'s home in beautiful old hydrangeas graced each table, cold lemonade was in abundance, with hand smoked chicken sandwiches, fruit, and all sorts of little things to munch on all afternoon, and sweet friends from three states! :) We had such a relaxing time. Their home is so peaceful and homey. I just love it!! We had a truly superb time, y'all. Thank you, so much.LunchingThree of our dear male escorts. (LOL, Caleb looks excited about the whole lemonade part. :)Our jolly party!We rode down and up with the D.'s, and the trip was a blast, too. They were so sweet to let us three girls hop along...we missed Mama so much. She was so sweet to stay and let us go. It rained, and rained and rained on the way back, making our trip quite exciting. We got lost, too, in the deluge, which made it "ever-so-much-more-so!" exciting. ;D When we got home, there was some very fun mail in the mailbox-the invitation to that kitchen shower! I simply love a piece of "fun mail" as we call it. :) A delightful way to end a very delightful day.

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