Friday, September 24, 2010

The Second:At the Mike S.'s home in Florida! This delightful luncheon had brightly colored daisies on the tables, tea, pasta salad and the cutest little petit fours you've ever seen! The afternoon was spent in catching up with friends, meeting some new ones and just enjoying the O for opportunity theme, delicious food and fellowship. We had such a lovely time, S. ladies-thanks very much for such a wonderful and beautiful afternoon.Here we are, some of us, on the trip down...a little caravan of ladies from our area all rode together, and we girls piled into one van~so much fun. :D Stephanie riding shotgun-thanks for the charming ride, dear!Enjoying each other company # 1,
#2,And #3!
And THE sweetest smile ever!! Look at those eyes, too! The afore mentioned sweets.One of our wonderful hostess, sweet Miss Amanda! It was so good to see the Campanas. Here are Sarah K. and Mariah C.
Our precious and amazing mothers (except dear Mrs. A. who had to be elsewhere) getting a group shot before we all parted ways to go home...see, they all came in blue and white! Elegant minds think alike, dahling!

What a joyful time of respite these two gatherings blessed us with-God bless you all, ladies, for your refreshing hospitality...


OurLilFullFam said...

Looks like such fun, love your mama's scarf how pretty.


Anonymous said...

What lovely parties. You all have such wonderful times. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of the blessings in your lives.


Orenczaks said...

The Ladies match blue and white. Looked like it was planned.:)