Monday, September 13, 2010

I found this in drafts...

...and realized that it got lost in the shuffle when posting "Three showers".

Oh, well. Anyway, here's the rest of that poor post-this was at the shower held at Reed Bingham given by Dorothy's church family.

Okay, I'm gonna run!! Have a wonderful afternoon!

~La Poognessieo
The two guests of honor, looking charming....
The bottom fell out in a downpour while we were enjoying the evening, and gave everything a cozy feel. I absolutly love rain. The electricity flickered on and off, too, which was fun. Not sure why I enjoyed that so much, LOL.
Giving Mama kisses...
And the opening of the gifts begins! "Ohhh!"
"Ahh!"Daisy making sure the photographer's photographed. And vice versa.I love, love this shot. Mikey III is so blessed to have such a faithfull, kind father. His little posture is the essence of beautiful submission...Vantage Point, baby!Mr Larry-the best, most whoo-hoo-ish of MC's ever. ;)"Smell the pretty daisy?" -Bella D., 2010Anytime we feast and rejoice, cleanup is the last (and sometimes jolliest) part of the whole sha-bang!
From the outside in...LOL, Mrs. Gran is such a wonderful grandmother to her three little munchies!
More clean up...

Well, that wraps up this wonderful time...What a tremendous blessing the Body of Christ is, to shower on Dorothy and Noah these many blessings.

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