Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Three Showers... honor of Dorothy and Noah!

Alas, this poor old blog is sorely neglected-however, there were so many splendid events that happened in the months before D&N's wedding, and so little time to blog them, that I simply must do them now. :)

So, I shall repeat this darling and too-often used phrase, "better late then never!" :D

The First:

Several weeks before the wedding, our church family hosted a splendid shower for the then engaged couple.

Saturday night, we all got together (many folks were staying there at Reed Bingham camping for the weekend) and had a big grill out, bike riding and music around the bug zapper...just kidding-we did have a campfire. ;)
Root beer and crush...very camping-ish.
K. Man helping unload groceries. ;D This child is cute.Martha and Daisy
"Did you try these savory beef chips with pea and onion-leather?"Bret III looking suave...
LOL, this looks like some commercial to me...

Later in the evening, Noah and Abbi came down a day early and surprised Dorothy! She had no idea, and her beaming face was so precious to see! :)

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