Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Winter Snow Boarding Trip To New England (and snow for Georgia-maybe.)

Hello, everyone!!

Goodness, I've missed blogging lately! :) How are all of you? I pray you are all well! (and warm!) It is so cold here! Freezing....

Guess what!? We have snow (real, white snow!) for casted for our area tomorrow! I am so excited. We'll see if it really happens. :D It snows about every nine years about 1/4 an inch. So, whenever the stuff flies, it makes the headlines and every one's journal and blog entries. :D So, here I am, doing my bit.

Oh-back to the subject of this postling-it is 'ze snowboarding trip that Cleve, Andrew and some of our gentlemen friends from around here, took up to Mass.!-From the pictures and stories, it looks like they had a great time...As I was not present, I shall just stick some of the photos on here and enjoy looking through them along with you...

Thomas family, thanks so much for your wonderful hospitality once more! God's rich blessing to each of you!All the boys, except Cleveland, who is behind the camera...This made me laugh. :) Very creative way to get some sleep.


Sami said...

The sleeping pic looks like us on our trip to Ohio!!!LOL
I LOVE long trips!!!


Anonymous said...
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Mia said...

Looks like everyone had a wonderful time!!