Monday, January 16, 2012

Bethany+Danny=Amour Vrai!

Most lovely Observers,

Can you believe our Beth is going to be married to the love of her life in just two short weeks? I am just so incredibly happy for my precious cousin. We are grateful to the Lord for what He has done-what a joy it has been to see how God has brought her her husband and her best friend. It is truly glorious.

Not to mention, too, that they make the cutest couple. Hope you enjoy these shots that I got of them a few days before they got engaged.

However, before we proceed on to the two lovebirds, I give thee two specimens who were being delightfully obnoxious before we left for pictures. :D
Andrew and Zack making it fun. :D Little brothers make life so happy!

Now. On to Beth and Danny!'s wonderful, isn't it?

Praising the Lord and brimming over with joy for Bethy!! Danny is getting such a treasure! I just love watching them...they're so. so. perfect together, and are each so blessed in the other. Bless the Lord!

Have the most beautiful of evenings, mon cheris!




Anonymous said...

only TWO weeks away?!!! it crept up on
blessings to the new couple...(they are the cutest!) i love the last picture of
great seeing you all and Bethany the other day! she is such a beautiful girl..inside and out.

Allison said...

Beautiful! They are just too adorable together :)

Kennedy said...

How exciting!! What great pictures! They are so cute together. Praying God's blessing over them.

Anonymous said...

didn't they just get engaged?! please tell us more!!! I have ready your blog for along time and would love if you could do a big update on all the family - and more about all the houses that they live in on your farm - you are all so inspiriing!!!

Knudson said...

great post adeline, I admit it they are pretty cute together.

see ya'll soon


BParrish said...

Your families grow some pretty offspring! How wonderful to have another celebration.

Davis Family said...

So cute!!! They are precious together :) So exciting :))))

Anonymous said...

"Mes cheris."