Saturday, December 31, 2011


...the Lord puts a family in your life and the lives of those around you, that is very very special. And even though it may be years or months before you see them again, they remain in everyone's heart, and mind, and thoughts.

A family that, until we see their faces, or hear their laugh in person, or give them a big, huge hug and share cups of coffee all around or sing together again, those things-the laughter, the coffee, the singing-it'll just be missing something. When you're looking around the room at so many of the people you love, and their faces are not here and there amongst them, you miss them. Or when you're laughing as you look through old pictures and then you get a big lump in your throat that won't go away, and then you're laughing and crying at the same time...not a gloomy, hopeless missing, but a joyful, ache missing, the missing you have when you're in the will of God and you really love a family.

And when we're joyous, we'll think of y'all and miss you-and when we're sad, we'll know you're praying for us.

The time apart will only mean a longer slide show when we see you again, or longer stories from around the living room, as we all sit together, coffee in hand, with the fire crackling, with Mr. Rick's antics and Mr. Fritz slapping his knee and Daddy's can't-really-breath laugh, Uncle Marc's hilarious roar...children running around and cards in the dining room and late nights and guitar jamming sessions and cook outs and charades and Frisbee-Daisy's piano playing and a Church meeting Sunday morning that gives you chill bumps because all the men's words weave together like a tapestry...

Living together as Christian brothers and sisters is so glorious...I know we've all said it allot, but we miss each of
them and love them more then can be written down.

Just know all your families are all over here on the other side of the world missing and lovin' you, always.

I just wanted to post a few pictures of the last few day they were in the country.
We had the honor of having them over for supper a few nights before they left. (Wesley is obviously enjoying himself. Cutie. That boy can eat.)True Love-it's so beautiful to watch!
"Psst!! Sam! Where's the meal?" ;P
(next time I'll try and have the protein ready on time. Bless every body's hearts. "I like putting allot of, uh, raw, in their diet.")
Bella has a beautiful voice. And 'a course Cleve and 'Kota's playing is amazing.Kress and Isa!
And Keni Ken and Isa. LOL. Isa looks like she's about to start attacking something. Scary but very cute.
Singing together...

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