Sunday, December 25, 2011

That sound of a crowd of happy people talking and laughing, moving-the swish of a skirt-a cough.
Wait-if you listen very closely, you can hear a bagpipe...well, maybe not...What is that?
You see faces so dear, everywhere!!!
A baby making wonderful baby noises. Purses and bags and people flood out the door to the feast that awaits. Food and rejoicing people just go together!!Some of the dear faces! Ansley and Brittany. (my soon to-be-'cousins'!! :D )And dear McKinnie too!! Love these three...
The Newly Engaged make haste to join the throngs!The afore mentioned Throng.
Some of my babies!! (neices and nephews are such fun...)Ronald Michael
Danny and Beth
(LOL, check out the mini couple behind them in the same clothes. Too cute!! :) )
Roses and Berries
Catherine Esther, a sister dear to the hearts of the same...
Essie Cakes
William's vestments cause him disappointment.
"Motherest, why mustn't I roll amongst the clovers so green? So lush? Mine frocks and I long for their gentle softness and tender crunch... "Alan and Kate, 6 years into forever....Queen Maud and The Wallace get their bubbles ready!

People are lining the walk way to the reception room...

You look up-the sky is bright blue. It is a beautiful day!!
A bagpiper is coming down through the long winding line of people, his red kilt bright in the sunlight-a little drummer boy walks behind, a chapeau atop his head, both their music filling the air and your heart with it's victorious sound...bubbles are drawn and ready to cheer the two new couples as they walk past!!
It's so good to see sweet friends!!
Lauren H. doing some of her amazing work on her camera.

Dressed to the nines, little man, and looking magnificent!Don't you love it when people you love are laughing and smiling together!?

Our two couples are coming through now!! You smile because they're together. Hugging people. Their mouths are moving, talking-I can't hear what they're saying, just that they're smiling and so blessed by so many dear people coming!! Bubbles float lazily in the air. When they get closer, we all yell and clap and cheer!!

As the two new families pass about to go inside, Chandler hugs his dad, and it makes you cry because they're both crying...
Fathers and sons, daddies and daughters, and the mothers that have given birth to these four children...what a day this is for all of them...

The music stops abruptly, only to begins again the way bagpipes do in their glorious way! Everyone is smiling and clapping-more bubbles...
And in go C&L and P&C to the bountiful reception that's been so beautifully prepared.

Heavenly music comes from dainty fingers plucking a harp in a corner...large green topiaries sit on the long, white covered tables that are piled high with luncheon-little sandwiches, cheeses, tall tiered platters of sweet fresh fruits, steaming bowls of shrimp and grits...trays piled high with chicken nuggets (loving Chick fil A!) and crisp vegetables with a myriad of dippings! Sweet tea and water sat in abundance at the end of the tables. And plenty of napkins for those people who always spill food on their white silk blouses!...
Marty McBeth, being the sweet girl she is...we love you Marty!
Uncle Tim and Tom!
And Alyssa amazing hounds tooth wants one too!!....
Sweet girls!
Wesley and his little boy.Little Men enjoying the left overs. :)
Hey, dear Lauren!!"This needs onnnne more...."

Everyone crowds around the two get-away cars!!
Inside, a few minutes ago, we gave them hugs and I love yous...
They're about to go on their honeymoons!!
Here they come now!!!
Running, hand in hand, through waving, clapping, shouting people who are ecstaticly excited for them and love them. Allot...

There they go, y'all!!
Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland Morton...
...and Mr. and Mrs. Chandler Allan.

Praises to the Lord Jesus!!

After Dr. Kendall did a count down, they both raced away, balloons flapping behind and horn honking and the rest of us just laughed and waved and were very, very happy.

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