Thursday, December 8, 2011

WW Part 2-Off to Greenville!

Thursday, December 1, 2011 5:30 am

We're off!! Hooray!!! Daddy dearest is driving, 'a course, and we're stuffed to the ge-ills with luggage and other junk!! (Hope we haven't forgotten know that sinking feeling as you pull out of the driveway on the way to a special occasion, and you feel as if you've forgotten something? Huhhh...well, we've got enough junk to live comfortably for several years in here, so we should be fine! :))Alrighty, so, Cleve and the 4 older boys are riding in his VW, and me, Marth, Paul and Mums and Poppie are all in the CRV. Feather beds are up to our chinny chins and are making the best pillows ever-I feel like I'm in a cloud! :D I'm managing to write in my journal, which I so love to do. And what a joyous entry I can write! On the way to Cleveland's wedding. Praise God! is Samuel's 15 birthday!!! Happy Birthday, dearest little brother. We love you so.
Here's Paul and me, with coffee!
And Paul and Marth, with oreos! Daddy is too sweet.

Abbi dearest just called, and I had the most fabulous time talking with her! She is such a precious friend and 'sister'...I can hardly wait to see all our people at the wedding this weekend.
Ah. well, almost all of them. Everybody's missing the D.'s real bad.


Anyway, our trip went great, and we arrived at the dear Kendall home just in time to eat pizza! :D And we got to meet some of their married siblings for the first time, so that was very special.

There are buckets of beautiful white roses and such on the porch. Greenery is in piles here and there. Grandchildren are everywhere, in glorious joy! People are scurrying here and there, with boxes of stuff to take to the church building. Introductions are being made, programs folded- it is so precious to see Cleve and Lise together, after having not seen one another for a month. ;D They're pretty happy about it too.
And here we are at the church building, leaves and wire and scissors in hand to make the sanctuary sparkle!
Above is, me, trying to look like I know what I'm doing. As you can see, I'm trying to explain the beauty of my creation. Pren isn't convinced.
"Notice the chic yet simple cluster at the top. No frills. The palm tree look? Maybe I should go with some ceder?"
Out with the poins! Non red, clashes with 'ze purple. Looked too busy, too. Lise dear moves them again, sweet girl!
Cherie was such a delight to meet and be with. Here she is, preparing the beautiful pew markers.Cleve, you're an incredible photographer. Especially with your favorite subject. :)
I try again. :)Back at the house, the amazing Mrs. S. works on center pieces!

That evening we joined the dearest Campana family at their cabin to celebrate Sam's birthday and fellowship and stay the night! What a blessing they are.
Some of us in the huge mirror!Cards, books, fresh cookies, laughter, monopoly, even dogopoly (which I was a darling over, trying to add interest to the younger kids game by playing it with them, and then they deserted me to go play monopoly with the big kids, leaving me stranded there in the floor with my juvenile puppy cards and tick token in hand. "Desertion and Betrayal!" ;D)
Ah, we had such a fabulous time together. There is something wonderful about cabins and mountains and big fireplaces and friends, all together."Happy birthday to you!!"

We love you, Sam. You are such a blessing to us. May God richly, richly bless you as you continue to serve Him with all that you are.
(sorry about the odd assortment of candles, darling.)

Happy Birthday.

And goodnight! I'm curling up in the loft with the girlies, having just come up from sitting by the fire for a little bit by myself. It's so good to sit by the fire alone for a little, with the Lord, Who is always with us.

Tomorrow is Friday! Friday. Ah.




Mrs.Rabe said...

Can't wait to see more!

Happy birthday to Sam! They are growing up fine, aren't they.


Joel, Jes and the rest said...

Lovely times!
Happy late birthday Sam!
We sure did miss being there, but we are loving your posts and narration!
Love you all,
Jessica..... for the rest of the clan

Anonymous said...

Great photos. It looks like lots of work and love went into this wedding.


Whiddon Family said...

Addie, you always do such a good job keeping up with ya'll's blog. All your post are always so interesting, and hilarious too. ;-) I love your posts!
And thanks SO much for doing a blog-journal of the wedding. It sure helps us, especially since we couldn't be there. :-( We were SOOO horribly sad to miss the weddings, (but God had another plan), it looked so BEAUTIFUL though from pictures. What God-glorifying weddings. We're SO happy for both of the couples.
We love y'all, and hope to see y'all soon!