Tuesday, December 6, 2011

They're married now!!

Cleveland Morton and Lise Marie Kendall are now Mr. and Mrs. William Cleveland Morton, for always!Words are interesting things-sometimes you want a whole basket full of them, long ones and short ones-big ones and small ones, to describe what you're thinking and how you're feeling and all that's happened-and then other times, when your heart is so full, the only few you can utter, as you sigh for joy deep down in your heart, is Thank You, Lord. And Praises to You, Father-for You are a good Father...

Thanks, and praises to our Redeemer, Who is Faithful and True.

Of course my usual basketful of words is coming soon, with lots of pictures and those details we feminine creatures just love to write down! And news! Is it possible for the Mortons to have more family news? Luscious, happy news about our dear cousin, Bethy!!!...but more later, dearests! Just love to you, and thanks to God this morning. This beautiful morning, when the breeze is soft and warm, and smells like tea olive...

Much love,



Mrs.Rabe said...

Oh Adeline you are teasing us with that beautiful photo!

We are so delighted and can't wait to see the photos...saw the news about Bethany too...blessings all around.


OurLilFullFam said...

So sweet a time! Can't wait for the big post with pictures - and I saw the joyous news about Bethany already, how exciting for her :)

It is a beautiful day here in SC, the flowers are so confused, but our windows are open to the beautiful air streaming in through our windows today!


Baleboosteh said...

Our most heartfelt congratulations to Cleveland and Lise and to your two families! May God bless you and guide you as you begin your life together and bring you every joy and happiness.
With love from
Michelle and Rob

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Cleveland and Lise and the rest of the happy Morton clan!!!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the Morton Clan
Very happy for you and can hardly wait for lots and lots of pictures. Thanks Adeline :)

Joel, Jes and the rest said...

We were so blessed to be able to be there via Skype! Loved watching and peeking in....the next best thing to being there.
Lovely wedding....we miss you all.
The Deckers