Sunday, December 25, 2011

WW-The Day They Were Joined as One

(Kind Observers,
I hope you're having a lovely evening! Now that all the luscious hub-ub of December and New Years is over, we're back to posting! Enjoy.
Love, AGM)

Shuffles. Yawns. It's still dark outside. A half whispered word.
Then breathlessness.
The realization that the day, the day Cleveland gets married, is today. He's putting his tie on. Today, for his wedding. Daddy's standing next to him. Daddy's been waiting for this day for a while, too.

Today is a joyous day. It's the day we have been praying for for a long time. This is the Lord's doing, and it is so very very marvelous in our eyes.
John helps Edwin with his collar... The Groom ties his shoes...
I remove curlers...
Paul needing help with his tie...Marth moments before the sneeze...The art of combing...
The buttoning...

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The Campana Family said...

The "moment before sneeze" pic made us all laugh!
We Love you Martha. :)

Mariah Jay and Gabs