Saturday, December 10, 2011

WW Part 3- A Bridal Luncheon

Friday, December 2, 2011-in the morning
Good morning! We had a cozy sleep last night at the Campanas, have driven back to Greenville, and are now walking from the Kendall's to their neighbors home for a very special bridal luncheon that the sweetest group of ladies always give to each other's children when they marry-a time right before the wedding to stop, relax, pray, be together, and just worship God with the ladies in your life before you become a Mrs.
Our brother's bride, looking lovely in purple.
The two grooms escorting the ladies to the muncheon ( muncheon was a typo but I thought it was so funny that I think I'll leave it) and are helping carry in boxes of gifts. (Oh, look-Mumsie and Aunt Jan are almost matching! How nifty is that?)
The beautiful wreath that greets us. The theme is music-beautiful, wonderful music, and I love how they incorporated it in the decorations! So inspiring.
Dr. Kendall escorts Miss Kendall up the walk way. ( I love watching granddaddies and is so precious.)
The Father of the Brides and the Two GroomsAnd, wow, THE most beautiful sight is right inside! What an incredible place is set up in this dear lady's home.
...napkins folded, fresh white roses with gold accents make for a stunning table scape.
And Dorothy's here!!! :D It is SO fabulous to see her again!!! Kate Kate is our only sissy who's not here-we miss her real bad, but we shall see her tomorrow, Lord willing...Mumsie and Dath are chatting in a side room before the party starts.
For the two brides and their bridesmaids.
Now, we're gathering into the living room for a devotional before lunch. (above is A. and her beloved Aunt Giggs!)

(Sadly I didn't get any pictures of the amazing lady who spoke, but I do want to say how encouraging her talk has been. What an honor to hear an 'older' (but not very :) lady speak words of encouragement, warning and wisdom (and wit) to the two brides and the others blessed to be there.)
Lise dear, partaking of the luscious congealed cherry salad.
Cherie (Lise's big sister!) and Dorothy...
...and Dorothy and Kate! (Chandler's sweet sister-in-law)
Prentiss looking lovely down at the other end of the table...
Oh, and the food is super good. :D
Little A. is so. so. cute! She just brought Lise two flowers in the shape of an 'L' for 'love' and 'Lise' How sweet is that?
The hostesses are so gracious and sweet. They make you feel so comfortable and at ease, and are so sensitive to anything you might need. Hot coffee, Martha's name place card, and the remnants of her raspberry lemon tea!
The four Kendall sisters! What a beautiful thing-four sisters who love the Lord.
And now, back in the living room....having just enjoyed that delicious feast, we all plop on the comfy couches and Lise and Prentiss give their girls the most beautiful little gifts.
Lise passes hers out...
What a delightful package!! Outside, I find a letter from my new sister. I love letters. Letters are so very special. And, clipped onto some purple ribbon, is a silk dupioni flower, with three little pearls nestled amongst the crinkly fibers. Tucked into the ribbon, too, are some tiny tissues with an A on them. And then inside the box, is a gorgeous pearl and shiny purple bead floating necklace! :) I think it will be really exceptional with the brides maid's outfit. Lise is just too sweet!
And, as there are two brides, we got to hear the second of the two amazing, encouraging talks. I wish I had had a recorder with me. What a blessing.Afterwards we all sing a hymn...a beautiful hymn. A new one I had never heard before, of which the words were so powerful it almost makes you cry.From the corner of the room...
Those fun little circles that happen after a party is over! (LOL but which is actually an extension of it :) Martha from the stairwell-so beautiful in blue!!
What an incredibly special, God honoring time we have been blessed with! Wow....

I love you all! Have a beautiful, beautiful afternoon! Tomorrow is The Day!!


Adeline Morton


Stephanie said...

It is such a blessing to read y'alls blog...I am always so encouraged! The photos are lovely!

I would be pleased if you would visit my new blog at

Anna said...

Can't wait to see the wedding!!!

OurLilFullFam said...

Wow, what a beautiful home and a lovely thing to do!


Orenczaks said...

Its so good to see the events. We wanted to be able to go. It looks like you had a wonderful time and we are so excited for the new couples.

Joel, Jes and the rest said...

Looks perfectly splendid! What a great time you must have had.
No pictures of you, dear Adeline :(
But you do such a good job behind the camera.
Love you
Jessica D.

Mrs.Rabe said...


That is such a beautiful post!

How wonderful to bless these dear brides and others with such an uplifting luncheon - to truly honor marriage and our role as women.

Thank you for sharing!


The McArthur Family said...

What a delightful post! What a delightful and meaningful luncheon and time of fellowship! Such a blessing! Thank you for sharing!
Mrs. Beth