Thursday, January 26, 2012

'Ze Polls be Open!!

My dear Peoples!!

Tonight, this very night, the gender of Wesley and Rachel's newest munchie shall be announced to the throngs of family gathered! We are SO excited, and can hardly wait to hear the words thus uttered!

Henceforth, in the glorious Morton tradition of baby anticipation delight, we hereby commence our guesses: They are as follows, and we invite you to join on our merriment and cast thy vote along with the aforementioned elated throngs!!

Here's to the beloved New One!

Mine (Adeline's) : Boy
Martha: Girl
Andrew: Girl
Sam: Girl
John: Boy
Mama: Boy
Daddy: Boy
Edwin: Boy
Paul: Girl

And below is our dear girl, the lovely Mama! We love you, Rach, Wes, Joe, William and Baby!!


Mrs.Rabe said...

I say Girl!


Mrs.Rabe said...

Ps- Rachel is looking beautiful!

Deanna for the family!

Lauren Brittany said...

oh how exciting!

I think I'll guess... a girl. ;)

Can't wait to find out!


Knudson said...

I think it is a girl!
I can't what to find out!


Knudson said...

Oh, and Adeline
I awarded you Kreativ blogger!
So go to your blog and see what you have to do.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to guess a girl only because it looks like mama is severely outnumbered at her house. :)


davis' said...

I do believe that it is a girl.
Can't wait to hear.
A very happy "Aunt" Manda

K'n'B said...

I think it will be a girl!!!!!!

Emily Brower said...

I'm going to guess..... girl :)
We're still a few months away from finding out who will be joining our little family in September. My sister-in-law is due with their first (a boy) in March, and my other sister-in-law is due with their third (a boy) in June. Babies (aka, blessings) abound down here!!! :D
Also, we're so sorry we couldn't make it to the ball this year! Thank you very much for the invite :)
Hope you're all doing well!

Anonymous said...

Hmm..i vote girl. :)
i know everyone is excited for Wesley and Rachel!
thanks for the post....ball pics. soon? :)
love ya.

Shiloh said...

Girl! :)

Eden said...


OurLilFullFam said...

I think boy.


tigerhole10 said...

The Mike Smith Family thinks Wes and Rachel's next gift will be a boy. God Bless