Thursday, May 16, 2013

Photography Session 3/8/13 Isabella Grace

 Our precious Isa is two! I love you, beautiful niece.

(Isn't Spring time+babies incredible? Her dress and the flowers looked like they were made for each other!)


 (I love her smile here)

 Uncle Tom came along and was fabulous at helping her look this way or that, or getting her to laugh...Mickey and Paul looked adorable playing cowboys in a field of flowers, LOL. ;D Thanks boys!

She loves her Uncle Andrew! And we love her....don't we have THE cutest nieces on earth?

Love y'all!! Hope your day is really beautiful.



Kennedy said...

WOW!! those are simply gorgeous!! The lighting is amazing. You have talent, my friend!! Don't let any one tell you otherwise. ;) I can't believe that she is so big. Wasn't she just a baby? :) Time flies way too fast sometimes.
Love you Adie!
Give the family a "Hello" for me. :)

Mrs.Rabe said...


She is such a little lady! I can't believe it is two years since we visited...sigh.

She is adorable with her Uncle!

Kyle has such fond memories of playing with Paul.

Beautiful photos Adeline.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting !

Anonymous said...

Hello Mortons, I missed you very much. I read your blog for long times (Im sorry for mistakes, I dont write in English very well ! ). You became for me like relatives. I hope that you will poste more pictures of all kids (I think they have grown up)!

God blesse !

SmithGang said...

She is so beautiful. great job on those pictures!

Dana said...

She's beautiful and Uncle Andrew is a Natural!! He looks so comfortable with her!!

Beautiful Pics!!!

The Campana Family said...

What a darling!!!
Great job on the pictures Adeline.

I miss ya'll.