Monday, May 6, 2013

Studio A.

Dearest Peoples!

I've started out (see bottom for details) on a new limb of the great, beautiful budding tree of photography, of which I am having a wonderful time climbing. I have just 'finished' setting up a home studio in my very sweet sister-in-law/neighbor's attic, (Rachel, thank you.) of which she so darlingly gave me a wing, and, with some obliging clippies, yards of white paper, sheets and some black corduroy (that still needs to be ironed) I have begun.

I am fascinated.

And now, I give you my first model...
This Altoid can.
Hence, the third reason for my studio's name. A, for my name, that it's all in an Attic, and that my first thing to be photographed was this lowly mint tin.

Here's my white backdrop.
And the black one.
 Here's me!
Really pleased and excited about it all and the learning ahead.
 Nikon's self portrait. (I love thee, small camera!)

And now for the details (you're at the bottom now, dear).

Studio A. is opening and below are the rates. Please email me at to schedule an appointment.

Studio A.'s Rates:
1 hour Studio session-$30.00 (at least 10 images)
1 hour Woods/Outdoor session -$30.00 (at least 10 images)
Afternoon session (1:00 to 5:00) at client's home or elsewhere--$50.00 (at least 15 images) This requires pickup and return of photographer and baggage by client. :)

My goals for Studio A. are the following:
  • To capture the beautiful seasons of life in you and your family for the glory of our Creator! To inspire your grandchildren. To make you laugh and cry 50 years from now. 
  • To do the above in an affordable manner
  • To increase my experience and to fund equipment and software improvements
  • Level 1 (where I am right now) is an exited hobbiest/amateur who would be honored to have you as a model and would love the extra pocket money. :) At this point you would be paying for a non professional and your images will be indicative of that. However, as my skills increase (won't that be awesome!?) I may pursue a more competitive price with the then improved product. One must start somewhere at whatever skill level they're at and give it their best! I love. love. love photography, and will heartily apply all my currant knowledge and skill to bring you the most timeless images I possibly can.

Hoping to see you through my lens soon!

Most warmly,



Mrs.Rabe said...

Adeline! How exciting! You are a gifted photographer, beginner(?) though ye be.

I hope you show us some of your sessions here on the blog!


Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

I really hope you do well and this takes off for you. Your first subject was great. I looked like he sat still for you and everything. *wink*
Can't wait to see future projects.

Kathy Johnson said...

You did a wonderful jog at the Bessinger's a few years ago of our family. I know you have grown in knowledge and more knowledge to come.
I a wonderful time in your adventure. I know you will do great!

Kathy J.

Anonymous said...

I hope your new adventure goes quite well. Congratulations.


Lauren Hope said...

This is so wonderful, Adeline! Praying that the Lord blesses your endeavors richly.


allison said...

So exciting, Adeline!
Hope you all are doing well :)


Brittany said...

You look like Katie in that one picture! Very pretty! So do these rates apply to Idaho residents? lol! Miss ya!
From me,
Brittany V.