Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Photography Session 3/18/13-Martha Harriet

Our Martha!
She is exquisitely beautiful, inside and out. She is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. May God's very richest blessing be on her, always! (And she's incredibly hilarious-it's way funner to take pictures when you and the subject are doubled over laughing 90 % of the time. Ha!! I love you Marth!!!)

Thanks so much for your afternoon, dearest-and for all the joy you bring to our lives!!

Love forever, sister mine.



Lauren Hope said...

These are lovely, Adeline! Martha is so beautiful. :) I think that the first three are my favorites, and I love the one where she's laughing as well.

Wonderful job, dear friend!


Anonymous said...

Stunning photography! We enjoyed visiting with you all back in April. Hope you are all well.



Mrs.Rabe said...

She is so beautiful - like all the Morton ladies!

Great photos...what fun to have your sister photographing you!


The Campana Family said...

Your stunning Martha! :)
Great job on the pictures Adeline!

Miss you both.

Love mimi

Anonymous said...

Great photos, Adeline! You had a very lovely subject! That first picture is just much beautiful texture.
hope ya'll are all well!

Anonymous said...

Martha's blue eyes are absolutely stunning! :)