Saturday, June 25, 2011

Andrew's amazing turtle picture!! Awesome, brother....LOL, she looks like she's doing the eygyption pose.
Our darling Grand Daddy and Nana at their special anniversary dinner! We love you both, so, so much. Happy anniversary!
One Sunday, we ended up taking almost every vehicle on out entire farm to church for logistical reasons, and me and three of my guys were in the sub and we were early (imagine that!) so we stopped by this peach orchard and took a few pictures and enjoyed a little Georgianess...Love you three!Our own personal Bourne.
Two in Blue! (wretchedly cheesy caption, I know...) Magnificent boys.
Isn't this incredible!? Blow it up if you like...amazing! Dew is breathtaking at times.
This stunning Pea Cock was in a tree nearby...there were oodles of them strutting around these people's yard, and this one was sleeping in (as it was Sunday, of course) and had not come down from his perch.

We got to watch one fly down, and they handle their lengthy tail feathers very elegantly.
This can only mean one thing.

This-The steady eyes of an eager but silent crowd of people gathered tensely around a lone figure seated in a chair. A pencil is clutched tightly in her unrelenting paw, it's effect ending on a scrap of paper. With bated, cautious breaths, the crowd is looking intently at the lengthening figures. The only sound you can hear is that assured scratching of the pencil. And the dryer. And that fly buzzing to your left.
No word is uttered.
After a moment, the hand pauses, trembling slightly, and places the pencil down on the desk with decision. All is silent.
It has been completed.
Slowly, the writer raises her eyes to the awaiting group. Tears start to her eyes from the emotion of this final moment.

"It is-" She begins with difficulty, breathing deeply with feeling.

"The winner is William. Small William."

The crowd erupts into cheers, cards fly everywhere and there is great rejoicing. Young William's only response is a small sideways smile, a grunt, and the humble process of gathering his cards with purpose.
He won five rounds that day.
I love cards!! :) And Mother darling made us all strawberry smoothies, so is was extra charming! Thanks do much, Mummy Love!
Dee and Noah were with us that weekend, and it was marvelous!! We love you, Martha!
"I will watch it until someone lays down a 9. Surly my steady gaze will accomplish much in ridding myself of these 12 loathsome cards."
Rachel and her beautiful boy!
"Wow, Noah. That's a really neat watch, buddy. Thanks for showing it to us."

( ;D I love my Brother in law!! We actually asked to see his incredible watch. Very fascinating.)
Receiving 'tisses from Aunt Beffy, the much favored Auntling. (who was down that weekend too!!)
Ah, I miss them. They are so, so precious together. I love them.
Aunt Darsha shares a bite with Joey Man!
The pose Rachel came up with when I asked her to smile.

"Prefect. Now, look up just a little more. There we go. Hold that there. Man, what a great idea, Rach. I love the nonchalant chic look the upward gaze creates. Very nice..."

(I'm feeling desperately facetious this evening...*evil laugh* :P)Alan taught us all to cut hair one night. Thanks, Charlie!I would just love to know what everyone is thinking in this picture.
Andrew in the garden.Some of the beautiful cabbages Daddy grew. They were delicious.
A normal weekday scene from our kitchen. Essie cakes and Ron were over visiting, the cuties...
"I love you, Georgia soil.
You've been the place of my Daddy
And my Grand Daddy's toil
You were twice watered
With the blood of my forefathers
I love you, Georgia soil."Onion
Well, I just love this picture. I think they're pretty handsome. :) I can hardly get over this shot! I love it.

(Here they are, resting for a bit at an antique show. Excellent job on all that furniture moving, guys... )
I saw this red ladybug on a bright green arugula leaf one day when I was out gathering a salad ("some friends from upstate came down to make a salad" ;) and the colors were so stunning I ran inside and got the camera!

Of course, this is not that same bug. It had vanished by the time I returned, but this one agreed to pose for only a slightly larger sum then the other, so, viola! I now have my picture.

Well, I must bid you farewell!

Much love,

Adeline, for la famille de Morton


Davis Family said...

Is that line about the friends from upstate coming for salad from the Marcel the Shell video? Too cute....:D "You know what I do for fun? Hanglide from a dorito.";) Hopefully you've seen the video and you know what I'm talking about...otherwise I'd sound like a complete idiot. How embarrassing...
Those are such fun, great pictures! We miss y'all!!!

~Alex (for the fam:)

The Hagen Family said...

Beautiful picture. Beautiful post.
I love you Poog!!
~Maria Angelina