Saturday, April 24, 2010

French Market at Toscoga

Good morning, dearies!

Hope your day is going splendidly!

A few weeks back, we had the pleasure of having a vegetable, baked goods and antique/smalls booth at the previously mention market-we had a blast! We sold a few things, and met lots of interesting people throughout the day! Especially love that part. :) People are so..interesting. And it's fun doing things out all together as a family.
I think Edwin and Paul were the cutest couch decorations I've ever seen. :)Us three girls made some things to take, as's a sampling of some of Dorothy's beautiful earrings.
Daddy dearest 'mans the booth'...Organic collards and greens, my dears?It being a French Market, I was so tickled about mama's adorable way of saying "all the stuff on that there table is cheap, honey! Just name me a price!" :) Actually, we probably would not have said that anyway, I'm just trying to be witty. Anyway, Mama, you're so cute. :)Marth poses charmingly beside her knit wash clothes and quilted hot pads and pillow, my hats, and Dee's earrings and bath salts. It was fun getting some things together.And then over here, we have Dee Darling, looking sweeter then her goods...cinnamon rolls, apple cakes, Carmel covered brownies, fresh bread and baklava. Oh, it was the absolute, most precious thing ever-this big Greek man and his little wife came over to their table, and when they saw her baklava, they just got so excited! It was neat to see him, with his expressive gestures and thick accent, giving her the scoop on how to make real baklava-and not just any baklava-this man, George, was an award winning, internationally recognizes chef, who specialty was baklava. :D So we got quite the scoop. "I make de best baklava in de worl'" he was saying, and his little wife would say, "oh, y'all it's just wonderful-I've been telling him he should retire and made baklava and spinach pies forever, and he would do fine!"

After 20 minutes, they went their merry way, leaving us with his cell phone number to "call me, ok, if you have any trouble when you make it, alright?" and all of us charmed, and with a better knowledge of the delicate Greek pastry. Cinnamon rolls. Our little pastry lady.Later in the afternoon, when everything got pretty slow, we girls went around and looked at the other vender's stuff. Of course, we spend a while annoying the jewelry salesman. Isn't that ring cute? That is, with the right outfit. Thought is piece was geogrous.Martha darlin'...A neat self portrait. He asked the man behind him to pose poetically, and he was real good natured about it, and was very obliging. Thought his pose was pretty impressive. ;)Paul with his red balloon that someone gave him. Cutie pie.Edwin and Andrew, the sweethearts. All five of our little men were so helpful, and did a great job of 'manning' the different booths. I'm so blessed by them. (for some reason, Sam darling is absent from the pictures-ah, well. But he was there, and a great help.) I meet this real sweet girl one booth down and I so enjoyed talking with her! She's a painter, and seemed to really love the Lord-it's always such a blessing to meet others who God is the Lord Jesus. (If you're reading this, hello! It was such a pleasure meeting and visiting with you-thanks so much for the sweet note!)John Man, looking very fresh and handsome after a long day...Later that afternoon, the dear Roberts family stopped by! It was so good to see them. Just brightened up the afternoon. Such a dear friend! Mr. Fritz says hello. :DAnd Paul makes himself comfy, LOL.

We had a great time, and we look forward to, Lord willing, next year's market! And the next time we make baklava, I'm sure we'll be calling our new Greek friend for assistance. :)


Orenczaks said...

Oh that looked like a lot of fun!
We hope to see you soon!
~Orenczak family

CV said...

What a fun market!

Glad you all (y'all) had a wonderful day!

Jenifer said...

My goodness! That looks like you had such a wonderful time! Our pastor is Greek and he makes baklava too! :) Adeline, did you make those hats?! They were so pretty!

Anna P. said...

Looks like a fun day! :)
Everything y'all made looked beautiful! I love the hats! :)
We all became fans of baklava after living in Europe! :) I am sure Dee's was wonderful. :)
Love y'all! Hope to see you real soon.
In Christ and for His glory alone,

OurLilFullFam said...

Looks like such a neat time!


chelsea said...

Awww, Those are beautiful pictures! Thanks for shout out Adeline! It was such a pleasure meeting all of you and you were such an encouragement to me aswell.

chelsea said...

What beautiful pictures Adeline! I can't believe i was featured, it was such a pleasure and encouragement to meet your faithful heart as well.
This blog is a beautiful display of a warm heart and family.