Monday, September 5, 2011

Now accepting guesses.... regards to the identity of the two stealthy individuals above. Name the two persons correctly and you will receive fame and accolades.

(Oh my stars-you will love this!! :P LOL-when I got it via email several weeks ago it made my day. Only one hint, lovelie-they live in the south, a little east.)
While we're waiting for some pictures of Enoch to arrive, I thought I would entertain us all by sharing! (with their permission, of course.)

May the hysteria commence!

With love,



Rora Valley said...

I think- Mrs. Laura and Amanda. Haha, that is so fun!


Kennedy said...

Whoohoo..I'm the first to guess!!
I think it is Laura and Amanda Davis....A long time ago. :)
I love ya Adeline!

mkmorton said...

hhmmmmm (pretending to be sherlock holmes) obviously the subjects in question are homeschoolers, and scapbookers cause the edge is cut all fancy....and they are obviously amusing by nature, so I guess the Campanas? Maybe Nick and Moriah?

WesLea And Company said...

Haven't a clue, lol! Can you at least post the state they live in?

Smith Familia said...

Oh my stars! SO FUNNY! Is it the Hagens?! LOL!
Bethy ;)

The Hagen Family said...

So funny!!! I am a horrible guesser but I couldn't resist!
My guess would be Roberts, but they don't live east! The smaller one looks suspiciously like Campbell though. So I guess I'm stuck, can't wait to see who it is!LOL!

The Hagen Family said...

So the final vote for the Hagen family is......Aunt Laura and Amanda. Mom figured it out when she saw the Ked's.
Love ya Poog

Anonymous said...

What a cute picture! I love Norman Rockwell type scenes!
I think it is Aunt Laura and Amanda !!!!!
I could tell by Aunt Laura's hair. :)

Davis Family said...

Haha I do think one of them is Amanda but I'm not sure if the other is Aunt Laura...totally confused:) Haha this is great, Adeline:)))