Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tayte's 18th Birthday

Happy Birthday to our friend, on his 18th trip around the sun!!  What a true delight it was to gather a few weeks ago at their home and enjoy a (fantastic) meal around their long table, in honor of Tayte. Thanks so much, A.s, for a wonderful evening! (and night, LOL...) The happiest of birthdays to Tayte!!! We are so blessed by you.
Oh, and the pie was amazing. (This family can cook. Never seen so much gravy and mashed potatoes in my life. Well, almost never. :)
Here are all the folks! We were so glad Cleve, Lise Marie and Liam were in town for this fantabulous occasion.
We'll just say that Liam enjoyed the mashed potatoes.
 John was putting the corn down as quickly as possible. (silly boy taped the balloon to his head for laughs)
Nhay, I'm teasin'.  :D Here's Martha and Esther! So cute how the little girls love her earrings.
THE most amazing, aforementioned pie.
Do you remember those charming things Sarah's on? Those little back-and-forth thingies? So many wonderful memories on play sets.....the ultimate accomplishment was braving the bars above the swings to make it inside the fortress without using the ladder. Wow!!  I would always watch Dorothy do this with my heart pounding for her safety.
Mid la Crunch. (Don't you love it when people get photographed with food?) This dish was certainly loved. Chip, dip, cookies, candy...all after a 4 star meal...foodies are fabulous!!)
Four-on-a-couch is also fabulous. Seen above are numerous urchlets. Titus?
Someone said his name out loud; he is trying to pretend that it's not his.
Edwin and Mrs. Karen are a beastly pair. Like a two edged sword at guessing names. They kept things tidy from the piano bench and ended up with the gold.
"Um. So you are the sumo wrestler." (Occupations...the games makes me laugh...)
Enjoying 4-on-a-couch. (Why, that's nice, Mr. Seth. I guess that's a hint for us to leave, seeing it's midnight.)
LOL, dear people put up with us forever...we had so much fun though. :)
Here Paul rejoices over a victory!! (poor lad had had too much caffeine...)
We are so grateful for the A. family and for their friendship and love. We are so blessed by the Lord to know them...isn't God good to put such precious, sincere, loving people in your life? We are so thankful.  (And observe this wonderful sign his little sisters colored for him. So sweet. :D )

Happy Birthday, Tayte!! We  thank God for you.


Alexander's said...

Hey Adeline! You got some great pics! I love the first pic of Tayte! I wasn't able to get many good ones that evening, especially of Tayte, so I am so glad you got some good ones! We loved having your family and you absolutely didn't stay too long at all! It was great and we so enjoyed fellowshipping with everyone! Love ya'll so much! ~Bree

The Vernon Family said...

I know them!! They are precious and I can attest to the cooking! (My cookbook is filled with some of their deliciousness.) :) <3 M