Friday, April 25, 2014

Supper, Olive Green Motorcycles and People Loved, Etcetera

 Hello, Sproutlings! Hope you're having a fantastic week!! 

Random lovely stuff today. 2014 is passing so quickly. So thankful to God and all his mercies...
Supper, with Daddy and Mama, waiting for their progeny to arrive for 'de feast! Everyday dinners together, with Marth's fantastic cooking.
Check out this beautiful motor cycle!!!!
Very cool, besides being the most scrumptious of green colors.
Also, note the beastly driver. 
So getting John an outfit like this.
Katie is just the sweetest sister. One day we came home and found all this delight on our buffet. She is so giving and the most wonderful big sister ever!!!
"Fire-a Pow-a!!!!"

We burned off the farm recently. Always a very fun and exciting event. I have so many memories that make me smile about this time of year, especially the smell of that smoke...
Our woods flower, what we call blue bells. The flower you picked growing up and marveled at, and the ones that got crushed on the way home in the stroller-the fate of all field flowers plucked by young urchins while on afternoon walks. :D
Andrew on the tractor. (He is an amazing driver, by the way...)
"...De boots, and de cape..."

(Love, love love Georgia men in Georgia boots. It's the greatest!!)
Lots of us gathered at the Davis to watch The Debate!! So grateful for men like Ken Ham, and for family like this to gather with.

Dosn't everyone look fetching?

Zoom up on this one. It's worth it. 
We had so much fun with April!! It was a true joy to meet her and get to know her some while she was here! (She drove over with Cleveland and Lise, to help Lise on the trip and with moving in, when they moved back from Texas) She was a tremendous blessing to Lise, and we were so encouraged by her sweet and servant like spirit.

One day we played with hair, as seen above. :) (She's an amazing braid-er!) Oh, and the other day we got this HUGE moth and thought of her!! (She has a incredible butterfly and moth collection) Hopefully we can send it to her. "Dear friend. Here is a dead fly. Hope you like it." LOL. :) But it really is gorgeous, and it's massive. Anyway, we had a blast with her and hope to get to see her again soon.
I love Mama and Daddy's room. This is one afternoon that I passed by and saw the sun hitting all the creams and blues and love and gold, and it nearly took my breath away.
 And then...let the party begin!!! Sunday afternoon the Alexanders brought icecream and root beer for floats and and we had a movie-thon with yummies and friends!
(everybody looks like they're around 10 or 11 in these pictures, LOL...)
We are so blessed to know and love families like these...

Plus, they like ice cream. ;D

Always a good thing.

Love y'all,



Whiddon Family said...

Hey Adeline! You are so good at posting, and making everything so much fun! And, as for Georgia men and Georgia boots... Amen! Oh, Adeline your hair looks great braided. (Of course you always look great!) Love you and hope to see you soon!

Anonymous said...

Fun times. I wish bluebells grew naturally up here - so pretty. Hope you all are being spared all that rain down there.