Friday, June 27, 2014

Harold Fletcher is Here

Dearest Peoples,

Our darling grandbaby is here at last!!!! Harold Fletcher made his much awaited entrance into this world just as the sun came up over the pine trees, at 6:08 am, on the 18th of June. The mercies of the Lord are indeed, everlasting.  We are so, so grateful to God for His love and mercy! 

Congratulations to Michael Jr. and Kressant on their 6th blessing!! We love you all...
 The beautiful sunrise God made that morning...

 Michael III was such a big help, running little errands with his "lantern". :D

There are few things more precious then watching a baby take the first breath of their life. It is a gift to witness.

Here's Fletcher and his Daddy, the first to hold him...
With his beautiful GrandMama!
Fletcher is Mom and Daddy's 20th grandchild, and 15th grandson!!! (Wow!! God is so good...)
 Michael shows Byron his new little brother for the first time. Oh my word, his smile was SO precious.
Mike Jr. introduces his four cowboys to their newest vaquero.
"Hello, boys. Nice to meet you. Who's the head of this outfit?...."
"Meanwhile, back at the ranch..."

In the living room, all of us relatives having arrived, and all the men having taken their abode in the living room, they wait for the new young speciman to be presented!

John, wise as ever, gets some sleep while he can.
Texting everybody, and Andrew's a dear and washed dishes,
while Marth and Isa fetched coffee from our house,
and doughnuts arrived in Kressy's honor and so begins the party!!
The living room celebrating,
and Uncle Sam and Uncle Paul plays blocks with the urchins...
All partake of sustenance!
(We love our Daylight Doughnuts)
(John, you are cute)
"Yes, it's him. He's here. He's in the building now, sir..."  ;D
And...Uncle Andrew's turn to hold the newest Mr. Man!!
Uncle Edwin is so, so good with the babies. They all love him so much.
Isa with her "Aunt Marfa"
See, isn't he beautiful!!?
And...he has hair!!!
(He's working on his mullet. Almost there, my boy.)
He's such a peaceful baby. He's unusually relaxed with his limbs, super comfy and SO fun to hold!)
With GrandMama!
GrandDaddy talks to the boys...
It's so beautiful watching my Dad pray for his grandbabies...
The day he was born, we had a grand kid party in the back yard. Mom got this little pool for the grand urchins and they LOVED it. (LOL. Poor Mom ended up getting sprayed.)
"The Great Waters"
Haha, these children are definitely land locked.  :D
Isabella does her inspection.

"Yes, he has ample hair. Also very fine skin..."

Actually it was so cute, she was sitting there loving on him for the longest time, giving him kisses and darling.
Here's the little man with his self-proclaimed Aunt Favorite!! ;D
So happy he's here!
Snuggles with Abita!!
One of the funnest parts is watching everybody getting acquainted with the newest baby.

Aunt Martha and Isa, making a new friend that will be for life. That's amazing...

With Aunt Marfa!!!!
(aren't his miniscule yawns presh?)
Fletcher with his two grandmothers!! Your gwandmommies wove you, baby...
This child has got two beautiful GrandMoms!!
Isa making some phone calls...
"Yes, he's here. What was that? You're breaking up...OK, there-OK, I can hear you now. Yes, he weighed 8lb, 15oz...yes, I know, he's huge.

Uh huh-that's right, and he's 21 1/2 inches long....
...I know, right? He's precious..."
Baby Feet

And here's one more adorable shot of 'de Cute One!!!

We love you, baby. Welcome to the world, Fletcher.

Love forever,

Aunt Adeline


Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Aw, he is precious!! I loved all the pictures!!! There's just him and his mommy missing. :)

Blessings to you all!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Darling Fletcher! Such a precious babe.

Love to all the clan and congratulations on Grandbaby #20! This Morton line will not die out! Many, many to carry on the name!


S. Knudson said...

Aww!!! He is just a Darling little boy! Congratulations:)
Lots of love, Sarah :)

Kathy Johnson said...

Congratulations!! He is a handsome little boy. He also shares my birthday.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful. Congratulations!


Anonymous said...

What a cutie! I loved the photo and caption of the little cowboys getting introduced. :-P Congratulations!
for the Smiths

Anonymous said...

He is such a cute baby !

Congratulations to your wonderful family !

Leslie Roberts said...

Such a precious wee little one! Congrats!

Bethany Lane said...

He's such a gorgeous child!!! Thank you so much Addie for all the pictures!

Regina said...

He's beautiful! I loved seeing the whole family hold him. :)

In Christ,

MamiaS said...

Congrats - he is adorable. And your commentary is equally adorable. Love reading the way you write to pictures.