Saturday, July 31, 2010

Friday Morning...

...found Dorothy, Mama dearest and 9 bride's maids over at our dear Grandparents house, enjoying a huge and very delicious breakfast! What a special time to be together and relax.

Grand Daddy gave Dorothy a very precious and encouraging talk about marriage and life before he left the house full of women to go over to our house for some guy time. :) I know Dee was so blessed by our Grandfather's words of wisdom. (Mama, Martha, Grace and I, who were picking flowers and arrived quite late, missed hearing it. I almost started crying when I heard I'd missed his departure and his talk, and him saying "Come on in this kitchen" when you come in-ah, he is wonderful.... :)
A dear lady down the next road had planted a stunning border of sunflowers, zinnias and marigolds and when we asked about buying some for the wedding, she said 'Just come pick all you want' . So, Friday morning found some of us picking flowers in the cool morning air. It was a beautiful sight, all those blooms.

We had a complete blast eating, drinking coffee, telling stories, rubbing and painting toesies....Dee gave all of us the cutest flip flops to wear tomorrow, and some beautiful jewelry she put together for us. I simply love all the pretty things she chose. Thanks, dearest. :)

Right before we left for home, we went around the room, each of us praying for Dee. It brought tears to our eyes. To be talking to Almighty God, all together, the day before she steps onto the threshold of married life-right before she takes on the beautiful responsibility to represent, to the world, the very Bride of Christ. When we were done, Nana dearest spoke to us, encouraging us in the Lord, and praying for us, and for Dorothy as she becomes a married woman. What a blessing she is. Then we all stood in a circle holding hands, and sang Amazing Grace. We hugged all around, and then stuffed into the Sub and sang our way all the way back home...This time will be one of my most precious memories.
Had to get a picture before we left...

"OH-my-goodness. Ahhh! My toe nail just chipped. This cannot be happening to me. No." *quiet sobbing ensues*
Just kidding.

Poor child was standing there, smiling in an ant bed. Our little party, except Mama dearest, who had to step out to town for some things after a little bit. She was missed very, very much by her girls.And all our finished toes. (I love seeing every body's different kinds of flip flops. It makes me smile...)

Thank you Dorothy for such a special time. And many thanks to our wonderful Grand Daddy and Nana, for putting it all together.

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~ McKenzie Elizabeth~ said...

I love the last picture! Too cute:)
What would summer be like without flip flops?!?!