Sunday, August 1, 2010

Friday Evening-Rehearsal and Dinner

The rehearsal and the dinner that followed was a complete ball. We're blessed with the funnest and most helpful friends ever! Above: Henry and JJ struggle to stay perched on the fence. (the best place for observing all the commotion)
Beth, looking charmingly Chinese...These little precious' look adorably unsure of what to do, LOL... Looks like Eden and Elizabeth have got the itchies, poor babies...The beautiful Whiddon ladies with their beautiful music-their skillful playing was one of the highlights to me. What a joy!
William with his Friend Favorite-ist. ;D The child looks like a millionaire from the 30's here. "And this is my charming daughter, Angelina" he said in dignified tones, after steadying himself with his gold-tipped walking cane. "ah, is there a powder room near by? My chauffeur couldn't find a single reputable place to stop on the pilgrimage out here."The groomsmen walk up...One more run through, men-fear not, dinner will eventually come!Becka looking very sweet. :D
Mr. Rick and Mrs. Angie did an absolutely incredible job of directing and coordinating the wedding. We cannot begin to say what a blessing this was. Above, Mr. Rick leads a dozen little girls and a few sweet and watchful mothers down the 'path' that they'll walk down tomorrow...
And here comes the Bride to be!! With her precious Daddy.

With two little sisters behind her, and a journalist, too. Must have bribed the guard... ;)
"Look, Joe!"So sweet. Practicing the procession...And the vows.
Wait-actually, no. Just where to stand and the like. :) The idea was suggested, though...Enjoying the process...
William with his AbulitaOh, y'all, the footage Cleve got is awesome... It's been such a blast to watch. Love Campbell and Gabbriella's expressions here...
Processing out...Dorothy and Noah welcoming new arrivels...or maybe he just spotted a camera... ;)
Wesley waves to all of his fans...Such a fun brother.So chic, dahling! Love the way Gavido is watching...and Nana in the background holding one of her grand babies-just precious.
On the way to dinner, the groomsmen grabbed Noah and carried him to the house. :D

The Sanders family had a fantastic dinner of BBQ, cole slaw, chips and baked beans all made up, with red gingham cloths and sunflowers on the tables. An evening of visiting, special songs, gifts, and dancing followed, lasting late into the night. Noah and Dorothy started off the dancing as they danced for the first time together, with everybody standing around in the candle light, to the song Noah had sung to her earlier in the evening. (a modified version of “Love Never Fails” by: Scott Powell) It was so pure, so sweet. It was beautiful. Ah.

Well, we all can't wait for tomorrow!! Before we went to bed, Mama and Aunt Lisa prepared baskets of petals for the flowers girls, and some of us sat on couches and chairs in a big circle with Noah and Dee, and (while a few of us made wreaths for the flower girls) played a multi-author-story-game-type thing. Beckah started it, and it went around the room, taking odd turns and darting twists, only to end up "all as a dream" in the end. :) Too bad, because those organic cherry slushies sounded pretty good...

Goodnight, all. What an excitement-filled day this has been!

Love, Adeline, for all 'de folks here at Calathora


~ McKenzie Elizabeth~ said...

What fun!

I like Martha's dress! It is very cute;)


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I'm new to this blog. It is delightful! I loved your New Years party. Fabulous.