Monday, August 16, 2010

Newsflash!!!!! The Baby!!!!

Hooray!!!! Greetings, dearest readerlings!

I am to tell that our beloved sister Katie is in labor!! The contractions are very close, very strong...Alan gave us The Call around 6:00 this morning.I think we will have a baby in less guess is 6 hours! :) We'll see. We are so, so excited over here! Praise the Lord!

Please keep her, the precious little one and Alan, and his help, in prayer.

And...Let the guesses commence!! The winner gets: uh, I'll think about it. (I know great recognition around here on the farm, LOL...)


Adeline: 8 lb, 14 oz girl
Kress: 8 lb, 10 oz boy

And, as I'm upstairs at the moment, that's all I can record!

Love you all! Be back in a bit....



Anonymous said...

Wow, how exciting. Congratulations to you all. Just for fun, I'll guess a girl at 7 lbs. 14 oz.
Hope all goes well with the delivery. Many blessings!


Knudson said...

Adeline we are praying for katie and Alan and my guess(sarah)is a 8LB,4oz girl. zach's guess is a boy 7LB,5oz

Knudson said...

Hey adeline this is sarah again Mom's guess 9Lb,4oz girl ben's 9Lb,8oz boy. We are praying!!!!!!!!!