Wednesday, August 11, 2010

July 17th-The Marriage of Dorothy and Noah

Before letting you enjoy Adeline's prose about Dorothy's wedding, I wanted to say that we are so grateful to the Lord for bringing Noah and Dorothy together. The two families have known each other for several years - Noah was my Man Friday for Katie's wedding in '06!! When Noah spoke to Michael B. about Dorothy, Noah said that he was here to win us over first and Michael said, with a catch in his voice, 'You've already done that, Noah.'
But even so, with all that, we miss Dorothy very much and have been rather in a tail spin these weeks since the wedding. There is a lot of adjusting going on , both in Alabama and in Georgia!! But God is faithful, to make his grace abound to us all. We love the Sanders family and are so grateful that our beloved Dorothy is with such a fine young man, whom we love so much, even before he asked about our daughter! Well,.... enjoy.....we had a blast...Dorothy asked for a small-ish wedding and we did our best to accommodate her!
On a side note, I've had several questions about Dorothy's dress - No, we didn't make it. We were so thrilled to have such a special dress for Dorothy. It was like a gift from the Lord.

So, here goes......
She is sitting in an armchair in her bridal suite, a bouquet of brightly colored flowers in her lap. Martha and I are sitting at her feet, gently rubbing them. In about 10 minutes, Dorothy will walk through the grass on the arm of her father to be married to the love of her life.

The room is lit by a pair of French doors on the other side of the room, the sun’s brightness dimmed by rosy green curtains. Spools of ribbon and heaps of safety pins, half empty bottles of hairspray, and crumpled clothes piled on the bed speak to the fact that, not too long ago, this room was filled with dozens of laughing, excited girls and a few of their dear mamas. The remains of a basket of luscious fruit, nuts and cheeses lays on one table, another holding a scrumptious variety of chocolates and wafers, and on the other side table sits a heap of half devoured wedding cookies, with water and cappuccinos ready and cool, all thoughtful touches from precious friends.
Scriptures about brides and what they do and represent, and about all Christ has done for us, are put up on the walls, and when Mariah went around the room and read them out loud, I almost started crying. If the mirrors along the walls could tell a story, they would tell you that a little bit ago, after a thousand admiring, scrutinizing glances from a room full of woman, after the bride came in from the hairdresser’s, after the dozens of ladies laughing and gasping in pleasure, everyone tripped out for a bit, and a mother and her daughter had a quiet time together in the room, and hugged very tightly. Then later, when the Mama buttoned up her little girl in her white dress, her heart beat high with love, and with those things that only a mother can feel as she does the final polishing on a jewel that she has been hewing and molding and polishing and preparing, for this day, for 20 years. And now she is finished, and the ruby that glistens before her today, as she gives it away, has never been more dear, more precious then now, when one peacefully places her into the care of another. The mother and her little girl love each other very, very much.

And now, with only a short time until Daddy comes to give her away, those mirrors reflect another scene. Her white flip flops lay here on the floor beside her chair. Going up, I see her sheer, dainty veil that, tucked in at the back into a pile of blond curls, frames her face. Pearls and crystals hang from her ears, and their little glimmer is echoed in the exquisite beading on the front of her white dress….A beautiful, intricate blue and crystal bracelet, made for her by a dear friend, is on her arm, and the diamond from her Noah makes a little sparkle on her finger. Seams that flow from the square neckline tuck in at her waist, and then flow down into a full A line, ending in a little train of white silk that faintly swishes when she walks. The back cuts down into a square, with another little splash of beading, and a long row of tiny white buttons cascade down the back. But all this shrouding of luscious whiteness is calling my eyes up, up to her face. Her beautiful, pure face. Her eyes, like two blue lakes on a cloudy day, have a calm, peaceful, and completely trusting and confident-peace, in them-above all, a true joy, that comes from the bottom of your soul. A huge, special kind of smile is on her lips, one that's been there all weekend, or really for several months now, and when she smiles, her whole person smiles, and her eyes are all lit up and twinkling!! Right this second, though, she is excitedly smiling, eyes widening at times, and she is breathing a little deeper then normal, and swallowing after she takes a breath-me and and Martha are, too. I have butter flies and chills, and I think they do, too. Ah!! “Dorothy, only have a few more minutes” or “Dorothy, can you believe you’re getting married today!?” and “OK-have we got everything you need, sweetie? OK, flip flops, flowers. Parasols. Ring. Our flowers. Alrighty, we’re good.”

Now, we all three just be still. Deep breaths. We all huddle together, me and Marth with our heads beside her knees, her head bent down, all thee almost touching, our hands squeezing together really tight... The room is empty except us three. We pray together, and we tear up. And then we giggle with excitement. And then our hearts feel like they're going to burst all open with joy and love for her, and for all she’s done, and is.

We all three grab a frapp and take a self timer portait.

She takes a pen and writes in her journal....A little bit ago, Esther and Katie kissed the bride before joining the other flower girls and mommies in the next room...Oh, what a precious time this is!!

Outside, guests, arrayed in their pretty, summer hued costumes, visit and look charming under some huge hat, or a pair of the prefect shades, some resting under a white canopy, talking, laughing, greeting each other with excited hellos, hugs, kisses or some manly slap on the back. Waiting, fanning them selves or little ones….notes of heavenly music are dancing around in the wind, their origin a quartet seated a little distance away, their bows and fingers putting into song what our hearts feel inside. Peace, and gratefulness, and almost uncontainable joy. Pure awe.
The July noon sun shines down brightly, but a little breeze cools your face, and you laugh with the sound of a baby on your hip as you spot a precious friend a few faces through the crowd…voices and laughter and birds chirping and the sound of a cow in a near by field bellowing her congratulations makes you laugh. The white dots of goats or sheep over in the field hop and nibble in the deep green grass, looking like cotton blossoms amongst the green leaves of it’s sturdy stalks…green ferns rest at the base of each column of the pergola under which, I assume, the wedding ceremony will take place here in just a very few minutes…boughs of tender, green maple leaves cover the top of the wooden structure, brought up from the deep woods the day before, and tossed up on top by a hoard of jostling, laughing young men. Above the shady leaves, white clouds float like piles of soft snow in a sea of bright blue silk, their shapes changing with the wind that smells like fresh cut hay…Groomsmen and brides maids and family all are here, greeting people and visiting…Dorothy’s mother is in green linen, Noah’s mother in blue of the same…hats and brightly colored umbrellas and white parasols poke up through the faces here and there, casting a circle of shade over the little group huddled there. Now, I see the preacher and two men praying together…Up on the second story deck of the barn, I spot a bridesmaid in blue, peering through the window and taking pictures of all that’s moving and happening here, and then she’s gone…only a few more minutes left!


“Oh, y‘all, girls, I see him, Dee! He’s walking up!!” grabbing ring and flowers and her train, we all three scurry out into the bigger room where flowers girls, mommies, and her Daddy wait. They’re all looking out the windows, at Noah and his dad walking, confidently, smilingly and purposefully down the lane leading to the pergola. Strains of violins are heard, and the flower girls are herded near the door. Daddy, beaming, comes up and takes Dorothy’s arm in his. “You Ok, dar’lin?” he asks gently. I straighten her veil, and smooth her train. Her little arm is lost in Daddy’s big one. Her other hand holds her flowers, and Martha and I position ourselves behind them. The most beautiful piano piece in the world is beginning now. Little flowergirls are walking out now, and now the little wagon with babies in white dresses tumble over the threshold….the rest of them, trailing behind, are tossing out petals in the grass-blue ones, white and yellow ones, making a path of flowers for Dorothy. Daddy makes a little joke, and we all laugh…”Sure do love you, dar’lin” Daddy says. “I love you too, Daddy” , quietly. He looks back at me and Marth and smiles and we all tell each other we love you. Our voices are shaky. Uncle Bret, over in his chair at the sound booth starts counting “Ok, y’all-10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1-Alrighy. There you go….”

There she is! She is walking towards us, on her Dad’s arm…her white train trails behind her, and her two sisters, with white parasols, walk a little ways behind….Dorothy’s face is covered in veiling, and she is coming nearer, nearer…they come, now, under the pergola, and the music is just now ending...

The breeze catches her veil slightly, and it waves a little. A fern’s branch bends in the same. All is quiet. A little baby just gave a tiny cry. Breathing. Silence. A throat clears.

"Family and friends.” Uncle Marc’s voice begins, confidently sounding out into the air. "We are assembled here, in the presence of God, to witness the union of Noah Edwin Sanders and Dorothy Jeanine Morton...."and then the words of this life changing ceremony continue...

Soon Daddy spoke of how, as a symbol, as he lifted the veil from her face, he lifted his authority over her off with it, and he now gives her to Noah, to be under his authority and protection….The groom’s father now speaks on the vows to come, and explains what they mean, and why they are pledged. She hands off her flowers, and they, holding hands, face each other-tenderly, confidently, joyfully, soberly. Now, they are saying their vows to one another, before Almighty God, and before this gathering of witnesses.

It is a holy time.

Now, they step to the side, and are taking their first communion together as a man and wife. Be Thou My Vision is heard, it's familiar melody filling the air…Next, they’re walking over to sign the marriage document.

And now, they step off to the side, and Dorothy unfurls a little white parasol. What is this? They share their first kiss behind the cover of this artful little accessory! I do hear some sighs and chuckles. It was a rather long tete-a-tete, and we all clapped and smiled when they came out and did a quick one for all of us, after Uncle Marc announced,

"It is with great pleasure that I now present to you-Mr. and Mrs. Noah Sanders. What God hath made, let no man put asunder."

Suddenly, vibrant, happy music is sounding everywhere, and Mr. and Mrs. Noah Sanders lead the jolly walk to the barn, where we will all celebrate the happenings of this hour for the rest of the day, and in our hearts, too, forever!!!

Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Alas, I mostly have pictures of precious guests and attendants, so I shall post what I have-for pictures of our darling, wonderful couple, go to:

Deep South Images (the official photographer)

Fawn Mama: here and here. (Noah's photography Auntie)

And now, off to the reception and picture taking!Aunt Lisa, dearly beloved friend....More of Dorothy's precious sisters and friends, who all love her so, so much.Campbell and Rosie practice their smilies... ;)... the incredible photographer!! We cannot say enough thank yous to the wonderful Keen family and Deep South Images.....God bless you!Marty McBeth - such a dear friend to the brideGabriella - simply lovely
Wesley, Rachel and their adorable little ones!
We absolutely have the cutest sisters in law ever!! We all love them so!! :)

LOL, I laugh when I look at this. Caleb must have eaten something harmful from the kitchen. ;)
Nana !The grooms's brother and nephew. I think that's too cool. :DAmanda Whitney - lovely brides maid, culinary artist, kitchen director, secretary, comforter of mother and daughters, sweet friend and the event planner's secret weapon for the stress-free wedding!!Inside, beauty abounds! These cakes were amazing...Jen T. took Dorothy's pictures and made it even more beautiful.This picture makes me miss Auntie. We love her, for many reasons and with all her expressions...and that shirt...I want it when you are ready for something new!!

The hat in the background was just a taste of the style and panache that abounded at the wedding. What fun!!


Kels said...

Oh very beautifully written! I had tears in my eyes when I read all of it, especially the part when you three were alone together and hugging. That is so special! :)
I love all of the pictures too. The cake is very lovely. And Dorothy looks filled with so much joy; that is so wonderful to see.
Have a pleasant evening!
Love and hugs,
Kelsey W.

OurLilFullFam said...

Beautiful words. What special moments with your sister! I do love the picture with Katie, Estehr and Dorothy, that is so sweet!

I am sure you miss her so much, yet are so happy for her!


Angie said...

Hey! Been following your blog for some time now. We have enjoyed ALL of your photos. The wedding was perfect! Glad it didn't rain. Why aren't there photos of the 1st kiss?? Did you all make the dresses? We look forward to more photos! Take care! :)

The Lopers said...

precious... just precious..