Friday, August 20, 2010

When Wallace Arrived...

...We all gathered around and gave him a trillion kisses and looked and ohh and ahhed over our new little grandson!!
...and Mama wrote in the family journal.
Esther just loves him! It's the sweetest thing ever.
Alan and Katie with their two youngest...Uncles and Cousins meet their new playmate. This child has 18 uncles and boy cousins (under 15 years) to teach him all things boyish. :D Yay!!Joey was amazed. He just stood there, just like this, for the longest time, just looking.
Big brother Ron gives hims 'tisses!
GrandMama getting him all comfy. He wasn't much for the whole clothes-thing, LOL.
Brooke and Mallory W. were such a huge blessing! They served the families here on the farm, going from house to house, in so many countless ways, from 6:00 that morning and 'till late into the afternoon...God bless you, girls!

Our dearest Smith family arrived that afternoon,bringing with them their infectious laughter, jolly spirits, and piles of fun food! :)

They are such a delight, and we got to keep them 'till Wednesday! (We miss y'all over here, Smiffies...)

And then...our precious Dorothy and new brother Noah arrived!!! Words just can't describe how glad we were to see them. I love and miss her so!!

We enjoyed their visit so, so much. They headed back to their new home Wednesday, leaving us missing her even more, but so blessed by our time together! Thanks so much for coming down, Mr. and Mrs. Noah Sanders! (how neat does that sound?)

(For some odd reason, I hardly got any pictures of anything after they arrived..wonder why? Lots of chocolate and cards and talks, maybe... ;))
They brought dozens of krispy kreem doughnuts!! :D Noah really knows how to strengthen them family bonds, honey! :) Eaten with a glass of the C.'s milk the Smithies brought, it can hardly get any better... Grand Daddy and Nana came over on Wednesday, and it was so good to see them! Here's GrandDaddy with the newest model from their collection of great-grand chilluns...
Nana getting her turn!

The next evening, they brought over a massive pot of THE BEST camp stew ever made, for supper! We stuffed ourselves with GrandDaddy's fine cooking, and then sang and laughed and talked around the dining table late into the evening...another night that will be among the very sweetest of my life's memories. Uncle Andrew is always a favorite. :D
And here's Jonathan, to say, in the cutest way ever contrived:

"Hooray for my new cousin! Yes, he is a fine young fellow, and I am looking forward to our career together. Goodnight, mine many admirers! Sleep tight, and may all your bottles be filled to their full, your diapers ever dry, every nap restful and long, and may your play pen be ever placed under the gentle caress of a tree's tender boughs..."

His speech went on too long for me to record here, but I shall leave you with his ending thoughts. ;)

Love to all!

Auntie Adeline, for 'ze fam


Lucy said...

Your family and the lovely way you celebrate life and love together is just so inspiring and beautiful. Welcome to your newest little member!

The Real Me! said...

Oh thank you for sharing these precious moments with us. I love all the bonds of friends and family that you have. It truly is a blessing and we are blessed to know you ourselves!
Have a wonderful weekend. And can you send me down a Krispy Kreme doughnut? I'm just sayin' LOL!

SmithFamily said...

haha Poogie! I love Jon-Jon's speech, he has such an eloquent tongue;) We had so much fun!! I didn't get hardly any pics. either, we were to busy playing cards and dancing!LOL!
love and miss y'all!

OurLilFullFam said...

What a special time! I love the picture of your mama with him. That is so sweet, so special for her to be able to tend to Katie and the baby that way!

What a celebration indeed!


Mrs.Rabe said...

Preciousness, all around!

Alyssa Campana said...

Hey Addie,
Oh the pic of Jonathan is soo cute!!
Miss you all bunches!!

Pendletonbug said...

Congratulations on the new baby!!! He is a doll!!! We have missed you all and hope to come to see you soon!!!