Thursday, May 31, 2012

Back home Uncle Bret plays the piano for us. He is so gifted.
Maud and Wallace. Check out Wally's face!
Enoch gets acquainted with Isa...
"See? This is how you handle those cumbersome blocks, this..."Mama and Auntie in the kitchen..You girls look like you're trying to sell something here.I'm always so blessed when I get to talk with Auntie...she is such a tremendous example, encourager and exhorter.I love walks as the sun is setting...especially with such precious ladies...
Isn't that glorious!?
Charades. That which I love.Oh. Yuchie and "His Cwebwam!" 'Member when he used to call him that? So charades pictures...T. wit' himbs' Daddy and Mama...
Gabby and S. give it a whirl!
Mike Jr. spendin' some time with Enoch...he is the sweetest uncle!!

Oh. Wow. My brother is an uncle., that is amazing.

Do things ever hit you like that?
Armand and Z.
They were spectacular. (Alyssa is demonstrating "scratch" in the above photo)
We're cold, it would seem. Wesley has all that panache while he and Danny demonstrate "muscular arm"...

Sea gulls? Maybe it's "bear hug" or "a pterosaurs"...
Daddy and Daughter
He is so cute you could just eat 'em up!! I love you Carlo!!!Rach and Mimi
Martha and Mama demonstrate hopping bunnies... :)

Page three! Onward....

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