Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thanksgiving night we always go downtown and see all the lights! They're so beautiful...The city of Moultrie srtings lights from the top of our court house to cables above the streets that are themselves strung with lights, - it creats a canopy of lights that must be experienced to be believed. Cuties. We all look like bums here.Mr. R. and Mrs. A.
Gracia scolds Gray over unknown's obviously not too serious, as they're both laughing.
Three awesome men...
It's ZachSnack!
We're those kind of delightfully (annoying) customers who are "just looking" but clog up trafffic and stay after closing laughing over shoe styles...LOL! We're they're favorite type of large group to deal with! :D Ah, bless their hearts. We finally left.
This made me laugh! So true.
Nothing like a new sparkalies! Remember this remedy, gentlemen.Love you Norma!Willie and Nick. Manly friendships like this can change the world.
Brothers are just wonderful medicine. They're hilarious! Ashburn's expression is so glamorous here. Nick looks a little uncomfortable...I hope he realizes he has me in a potentially fatal position...LOL.
(Andrew! I will never get over your hat.)It appears no one knows where they're going...Marth and Norma

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