Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Good Morning!

And it is a beautiful one too!

How are you, dear reader? How is life?
Guess what!? We got a new camera cord and our 'net is back up (foul thing) so I can blog again! I've missed this poor, neglected web log. :)
Martha and I were sitting here laughing over our delicious breakfast (Mama's omelets are 'de best!) and antics while we pestered the little boys who are playing chess over their grits. (we would take the captive pieces and make dramatic plays with them and they would desperately call out to their warrior husbands in mournful wails and run in slow motion across the board to greet them from their prison)  Ah, I love my boys! And then I had the greatest desire to hop on here and say hey and put up a few pictures! (I have missed that dear camera so much. I was enjoying having no camera for a while (do you ever feel like that?) but then I got to missing it so bad.)
So. It is a beautiful morning.
Life is full and good, because our Lord is good, and we are learning allot. We've had rain almost every day for the past month or so it seems, and everything is green and lush. Ah. I love Georgia. It's incredibly humid here and almost unbearably hot in the afternoons, but then the Lord sends that incredible cooling rain almost every late  afternoon, and then we're shrouded in refreshing mist so it's like a bit if Ireland everyday.
The figs are ripe and smell so good from the back porch. They are the most stunning color palate of rose, purple and yellows mixed to harmony. The roses and bridal bush are blooming too! They are so beautiful. We miss Nomvula. And The D.'s. We just had the cutest little chicks come in the other day. What fluffkins!
John Man
"Just some local urchins..."  ;P Love my boys!
Observe, kind friend, this incredibly beautiful patch of mushrooms-don't they remind you of a crowd of little Oriental people with their  parasols!? My breath was really taken away by how stunning they were.
More on these intricate pieces of artwork...
I am so intrigued by mushrooms and how little I know about them.
Paul gave this poor GI Joe a very elegant parasol to protect him from the elements. 
"This is utterly ridiculous. Posing with a mushroom? When will the insanity cease? Where did they put my gun!?"
Cute guy, cute car...what's not to like!?

(BTW, we had a fabulous time driving C&L's car when they were on vacation-they said we could drive around in it and we had a total blast and felt 100 % vintage!)
Home, the most beautiful spot on earth to me. 
This statue of  a Grecian beauty atop Mother's urn welcomes you as you enter the villa.
The perennial sunflower Noah gave to Dorothy when he came down to court her is still coming up and blooming every year! I always think of their beautiful love for each other and Christ when I pick them...
I LOVE sun rays so bad...this picture looks nothing like the real thing, of course, but it was truly stunning!
Hello, people dear!
Daddy's fabulous peas.
Zinnias! Aren't they gorgeous!?
 Only they all come up pink. I like pink, but...
Mr. Burpee and me both thought they were all different colors in those packages...bright yellows, fuchia, soft white, blood red and popping oranges...alas. :) Maybe next year.
The afore mentioned fowl.
Aren't 'dey pwet'ious?
The most beautiful eggplant I've ever seen in my life!! Daddy is an incredible husbandman, and God sure made some striking vegetables. Just look at those colors He used...
Okra out...
...okra in...
Cleve and Lise Marie finished their fountain next door! It is so beautiful and the sound is just so peaceful.
The bees love it too.
Wesley's fantastic play fort he built totally from scratch for his little boys! (he is amazing!)
For memories-the Rodeo.  Dear old beast.
The Suburban. Ditto the beast part.
Only this one has had a beautiful new paint job and allot of really well done repairs. (Our big brother is awesome!)
Wind coming through and blowing the curtains...there is almost nothing like it. And I just love all the men in those pictures...
His love and hunger for the Lord is beautiful.
I've been gluing a little furniture of late. Isn't this table a beauty? I just love it to pieces!! (no pun intended, hon...LOL) Especially the green cameo. Ah. It is just oddles of fun fixing up furniture for some reason.
"The Libr'y. These are mostly foreign."

:) Marmie dear has entered the depths of The Shelves and has attacked our library upstairs! There were lots of books to sort...
...clean and categorize, and these were taken in the midst of the onslaught. Now she has it all looking fabulous and never in Mortondom history has it  been easier to find a book. Thank you Mama!! So much. :)
Martha and me...
...both discovered old, new books we wanted to read. Thus the books!
Hum. We neaties need to clean off our bed-side table. (You know, that's a good question. I don't know why I keep that spray paint by my bed never knows when one might need the stuff!)
"It's a collection of-of, a, villages."
Hey Andrew!
The Cute Car again.
Pauly bringing in the most fabulous tomatoes you ever tasted.
Andrew holding all the furniture down and shelling peas. Good man!
My Father in his sanctuary.
Paul playing with his little army guys.

"Wait!!!! Bill!!!! Cooommme back!!! Don't shoooooot!!! Attack!!!!! Fire!!!! Hold Fiiiiire!!! Retreeeat!!! Advance!!!"

Sargent Bobby Smith died of acute lung fatigue after 5 minutes of 
intense fighting.
 I need to work on my dinner presentation when we eat al fresco. :)

 And service!

"Dinner's ready! The corn is over there and the rest of supper is on your plate!"
Oh, y'all, check this out!! There was literally a stripe in the sky that evening. This picture is totally unedited and was really quite amazing. God is so huge and awesome!!!
"Potatoes-that's all I'm carrin'. Would you like 'em wit' salt ore' peppa'?"

John weighs potatoes for our vegetable CSA. He does a fabulous job.
Me, true blue summer afternoon. (Love the hair!)
 My Mom, rocking her 3rd granddaughter on the porch swing.
She is the woman who I want to be like. 
Who I want to honor more and more everyday, for she is worthy of it. 
I am blessed.

I hope your day is wonderful. May you know the love of Jesus today. Isn't it wonderful to belong to Him?

Peace to you!

Adeline Grace


The Campana Family said...

Ah! A long awaited update!!!!
Oh Adeline...I miss y'all so much! This post was much needed! :)

Love you all!


The Campana Family said...

Tousle funny Adeline! This post brought a smile to my face. :) we miss and love y'all.

Mr. G's Mrs. G said...

Adeline, I was just thinking that it had been a while since I had read about your adventures among the babies and beautiful smiles of your family. Thank you for updating so beautifully. You are definitely gifted with words, dear.

In Christ,

Anonymous said...

So glad to see you blogging again. I'm amazed at all the beautiful produce from your gardens. Lots of green thumbs at your house!
We were blessed to spend the weekend with the Sanders and your sister and husband a few months ago. Lots of green thumbs over there too. :)


Whiddon Family said...

So glad to see a post from you, as always! You do such a great job with the blog, Adeline. I love all your comments (you're hilarious!!), all the incredible pictures, and your focus on Christ. Y'all's blog is always so interesting.
It was GREAT seeing y'all yesterday. I wish I could have gone out with y'all! Hope we can see y'all again soon though. God bless you and your precious family.

Love in Christ,

Baleboosteh said...

So lovely to have a post from you again. Beautiful photographs of a beautiful family!
God bless you,
Michelle and Rob

OurLilFullFam said...

Thanks for the updates!

I of course love the pic of your mama rocking her grandchild. She is always so kind and loving in her pics! You can so tell how super calm and full of love she is!

You are blessed indeed!


Anonymous said...

That was a really fun post, and so many lovely pictures and clever really have a gift for communication, Adeline. the bedside spray paint! I enjoy your blog so much.
Love, Katie

Rora Valley said...

Love all the pictures and the update! Miss you all!


P.S. John, I like your shirt! Looks exactly like one I used to have. :) Haha!