Saturday, August 25, 2012

Happy Birthday to our Daddy

Happy 60th birthday, dearest Father!!
We love you more then there are words to express, Daddy.
Thank you for the way you truly reflect our Heavenly Father. That likeness has helped us to know Him better. We praise the Lord for this.
Thank you for loving us, providing for us, protecting, teaching, rebuking, comforting and leading us in the way of the Lord, and telling us of His faithfulness and that "I have never seen the righteous forsaken, nor their seed begging bread."
Thank you for singing.
We are so grateful to God for you. You are among our very, very greatest of earthly blessings.

With much love, forever, and grateful hearts,

Your family


Mrs.Rabe said...

Happy Birthday, Michael. It is a joy to know you and your precious family!


Anonymous said...

Hope your father had a great birthday. May the Lord bless him with many more.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Morton!! You have been such a blessing to our family in the short time we've known you!
Kelsey Roub
PS- love the picture with all the grandkids!!! SOO sweet!

Michele said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Morton!
The Hope Family

The Campana Family said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Morton!!!
such beautiful pictures!
May The Lord continue to bless your Family!

We love ya'll

The Campana's

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Morton!
Awwww.....that pic with the grandkids is precious!
With Love,
-Katie for the Dan Smith Family

pasco community said...

Oh my goodness!!! What a sweet post (as you can tell catching up with y'all's blogs :-) haha
I ESP just love to see a grandfather holding the newly grandson, how precious! Praise The Lord!
And the last photo of mrs Jeanine laying on mr michaels shoulder *oh my word* is the best picture of all time!!
Thanks for the smiles!
Love ya