Saturday, September 15, 2012

It's Beautiful

 Good morning to you, loveliest of Observers!

Autumn is here,and once again is takes my breath away with it's grace.
The almost cobalt blue skies and incredibly clean breezes that make the leaves rustle, and the nip in the air that smells literally sweet....your heart overflows with joy to God for all of this, and your senses can't help but dance a ballet just stepping outside! I love it!!
I just got off the phone with my sister-oh she's a joy-and I banged on the piano a bit while the breeze came in through the screen door. Last night dearest friends (family, really) came over. Hot stew. Parents all went out to eat, and we kids had a blast. Fresh cookies. Movies. Laughter. A sibling spat. Apologies. Hilarious stories. Twister. Life. Love.
And then this morning, the smell of fresh cut arugula. That's one of the most wonderful fragrances on earth! Mixed with bundles of fresh spring onions and Morning, it is heavenly. Mama's pruning roses and brought in the most gorgeous spray. Edwin put them in a quart jar for Mama and they are so pretty.
A bedroom that doesn't have piles of clutter!! "And all the people rejoiced!" Me and Marf cleaned up and de-junked our room!! It feels like a hotel room now, LOL.
Seeing a 4 generation picture on the wall and missing everybody and loving them to pieces. Look, Spence was just a baby!! The struggle to have a good attitude when the computer doesn't work, or all your pictures are on the broken one...(hence the lack of pictures, by the way!) And time with Mama and Martha this morning. Oh, my Mama!! I am blessed. Oh, and the joy of a soft sweater. That is olive green.

And knowing that your Heavenly Father delivered you because He delights in you. (Psalms 18 is incredible!) Isn't that a miracle, though, the most beautiful knowledge!? My Saviour, my Jesus delights in me! It is overwhelming. I hope you have given yourself to Him, and have been cleansed by His blood.

And I hope your  day is simple.
And full of singing to Jesus. I'm trying to "sing and make melodies in my heart" to the Lord today!! It is amazing.




Mrs.Rabe said...

Beautiful words, Adeline!

I can picture it all....


Mr. G's Mrs. G said...

Have a wonderful day dear Adeline!

In Christ,

Callie said...

Hi Adeline,
I'm also so inspired by the hint of fall and cooler weather. Thanks for the beautiful thoughts this morning. Hope to see you soon!
Mrs. Kathy

Anonymous said...

Could you please give me the web address for the Sanders blog?
I read their old blog then didn't for a little while and now I can't find the new one!

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

I wish our bedroom felt like a hotel room :-(
That was a really good sum-up, Adeline, I think you did a great job catching us up without any photos. :-)
Love, Katie

the hardys said...

I quite agree with you Adeline...
God is so good...and a clean room - and a sweet sister to share it with - are something to be thankful for!
My little Brother Jehonadab - affectionately known as Budder - is one! I can hardly believe it! I am still SO thankful for such an amazking blessing from the Lord - in the form of precious little Brother!
God's mercies are so amazing!

Tell Martha and the rest of the Family "Hello" from the Hardy's!

Ta Ta!
Mary Pate H.

Anonymous said...

What a very sweet thoughtful post.


Anonymous said...

Glad you are enjoying and rejoicing in your life!

-Maria J.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adeline, lovely words.
Great catch up.
Miss ya'll!

K. Johnson

Sherrie Stephens said...

I just love to read your blog. Your words are such an inspiration to my inner being. God has given you a wonderful talent of writing.
Sherrie (Wendi Sanders mom)Darth's grandmother