Monday, September 17, 2012

The Many Faces of J.W. Morton

Whoa. He is just so awfully cute!!! ("Ee-er-ee-er-ee-er!!" ;D  )

Never has a 13 year old guy smitten so thoroughly his sisters and Mom. Or delighted them  with his...his... well, his...charm. His smile. His humor.

Or blessed them with his love for the Lord.  His clear conscience, and his, through Christ, clean, loving heart.

I love you, Johnny Man!


Your sister,



WesLea And Company said...

Making his debut as the 2nd family comedian I see. Already starting the marketing eh Poog? ;D Golly, the third one looks just like Martha! You should swap out a photo shoot with Abbi when they come for the conference Adeline. Darthy said the Sanders will probably come, but she and Noah most likely won't.

Anonymous said...

Your photography skills continue to impove and impress! I thoroughly enjoy what you present on this blog! JW reminds me of Katie when I first met y'all at Providence Family Fellowship home church at the Rogers house.


Kennedy said...

The bottom picture looks a lot like Dorothy! :)
Love and miss you guys!

The Kendalls said...

Haha this is great. Can't wait to come down and visit y'all. It has been so long. Looking great John boy!!!!