Monday, February 4, 2013

The Rose

Here's our newest grand girl, y'all!! Isn't she a peach?
How we adore her. What cheeks, what kisses, what love. Babies are such a precious gift. Enjoy these beautiful pictures! (Mallory, thank you so much! You are truly wonderful and a great blessing!)
(oh, and look, don't her fingers look like her Aunt Rach's? She'll probably play the piano one day!) She is such an elegant, sweet little baby and we love her so. God bless you, Baby Girl!
(Look at dabs pfrown!! I LOVE baby lips.)

 Aunt Martha bringing treatlings to the new Mama! (She is so, so wonderful!!)
And now, along with Elizabeth Rose, I bid you, good night!


Aunt Adeline


Mrs.Rabe said...

Beautiful! Everyone single photo, even that wee pouty lips one!

Love to you all!


Anonymous said...

What an absolutely beautiful baby.


GracefulMommy said...

Oh, she is so beautiful! I love the frown picture.

Shea Lemon said...

Oh Adeline!!!!!! What a precious little doll!! I just want to love on her... Please tell Katie I love and miss her and that I can't wait to hug on her and her lovely little ladies!!

Miss you guys!! Hope you can come down or we can come up very soon!

Kelsey Roub

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

She is beautiful!!!

pasco community said...

Beautiful!!! What a blessing!!!
~ Daisy

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth rose is a beautiful name. What a cutie...I just love that frown. hehehe :-P And Katie is such a lovely mother.
Enjoyed getting caught up on your blog posts for this year, Adeline. Hope ya'll are all well.