Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Photography Sessions-2/8/13

Here's our dear, amazing oldest sister, her much beloved husband and fabulous family - and new little one! What a joy they are.

  For many years, she sowed sisterly love and encouragement to each one of us,  We all have memories of her reading aloud to us for hours on end, showing us loads of fun and patience, drawing cowboy pictures and girlish pictures for us to color  and drawing and water coloring flowers that looked so real , you wanted to pick them off the page.  

What joy was inspired when taking these...laughing out loud!! Love them lots.




Mrs.Rabe said...

Such a lovely woman.

And her family is pretty sweet too!

What a blessing an older sister is!


Regina said...

What lovely pictures of Katie and Alan and their precious ones! Thank you for sharing! :)


GracefulMommy said...

What a blessing Katie is to all of you! And to us and her gentle spirit is beautiful to everyone too! Give her a hug from us.

Great pictures by the way!

Anonymous said...

What lovely photos of a beautiful family.



Kathy Johnson said...

Beautiful family. Miss them all so much. Now it is like the Brady Bunch, but in a christian view.(3boys and 3 girls is what I mean).

Anonymous said...

What sweet pictures! However, I think you need to give us an update on who all the adorable grandbabies are and how old they are. I've been reading since around the time there were only grandsons and am now thoroughly confused as to which grandbaby is which - for example, here I was thinking that Katie and Alan had 4 little blessings not 6.:)

I can't remember how I found your blog, but I do enjoy reading about your sweet and wonderful family!

-Maria J.

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

Love the photos. You did such a great job!

SmithGang said...

This pics are so sweet. Alan and Katie what beautiful little babies. you have always been so sweet to my gang.take care