Monday, March 11, 2013

Rain and Coffee

My Friends,

Daffodils are yellow on the dining table in three little pots, and Mama just made a pot of coffee.  It's bubbling in our special coffee maker with the glass 'lid'. That contraption is amusingly comforting.
It's overcast outside with a bit of sunshine popping out every little bit to let us know it's still there. The yard and woods are filled with water that fell from the clouds and snowdrops have pushed their way through soil and roots to emerge green and bloom white silk. How can something so tender be so strong?
Cinnamon rolls are about to come out of the oven. I love the smell of warmth and the spices.

I just finished reading a children's book to myself called "The Little Island" but it's so beautiful and true it encouraged  me in the Lord. The dryer is squeaking comfortingly and I look at a picture on a side table of Daddy and Mama at the Campana's beach a year or so ago, and I smile because Daddy looks like a burly Scotch sea captain.

 Then I think about the Camapanas. How can you love a family so much? And then these pictures from last weekend! II Volo's O Sole Mio is playing, and like Alyssa said, it's making me miss them super bad! And that dumb dog, too. :D Ginger! Me likes you!

 And see how Enoch loves her?
Can he be any cuter!!? (Check out himb's toofies.)
Dorothy Jeanine and Jeanine Dorothy.  Know which is which?
"See thisth cord? Thaths the one you want."
Damsels in kitchen. 'Da bestest!
We finally got to met Elain!! Wow. Incredible snake stories and his French is breath taking. (I never want to meet a green mamba, by the way. "whak whak whak....")
(Oh, we drove past this celeb and her baby on the way to church. There was like an entire convoy. Can't believe John got this shot.)
Edwin and his awesome glasses.
My Fwiend. ( I love you Alyssa!)
Auntie and Darfush
(These girls make you smile!)
Mama and Enoch! (It was SO cute-he wanted a sip of her coffee really bad-it was absolutely hilarious)
My newest favorite picture of Mama!
"What are those two idiots doing? Carrying on over those chocolate sandwich tea cakes like buffoons."
It was so, so good to sit and just be. Together.
(Aunt Lisa looks like an assassin here. "Frank? Are you in position?")
It was soo good to see y'all again, and to hear the good house news!! Praise God.
Never has a daughter  brought so much joy and brightness to her family...
The three 40's chicks.
So wonderful loving y'all.
Elise? What are you doing?
Gabby. Child...
It really was so beautiful to get to spend the day with this group of God's daughter's...their joy is contagious and their vision far. Praise God. These woman will be turning the world upside down for Christ from their hearts and homes and it will be glorious!! May they be faithful, joyful wives as they are faithful joyful daughters, and may they be the mothers of millions!
What happens when Mr. Raub take the pictures-there are more laughs than poses.(This is golden. Golden.)
Love each of you so! 
(we missed getting the B. girlies in here!)
Edwin and John steady their delirious friend.
Hold. Insert. Repeat.
(the afore-mentined chocolate tea cakes, that is. Those aren't the boy's names)
Sisters! (well-threez of zem!)
"We are three lost circus preformers-is there a village near by?"
Andrew and Jay bid each other farewell. (Jay's had an unusual growth spurt.)
Kelsey, you are such an encouragement and blessing. (really fabulous bolero, by the way!)
"Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!...
...As the dew of Hermon, and as the dew that descended upon the mountains of Zion: for there the Lord commanded the blessing, even life for evermore." (Psalm 133)
"Rub my feet, you two street urchins! No!! Not the left big toe. The gout is miserable. My man Sebastian will pay you two shillings for your pitiful efforts."
Black Arrow travels with stealth behind Silver Bullet, who is trailing Tongue of Flaming in hot pursuit. Destination was Cracker Barrel. Speed: 105. Stops: Potty Break at Gas Station. (Even awesome people in special cars have to go potty.)
"Hey, Good lookin'!"
It's terribly fun traveling with the sibs. We had these little radios and swapped cheesy dialog the whole way. Ha! I love it.  (We were the most steller convoy out there, though-three little gas milage cars are 'ze best!)

 It was like cake, with ice cream, and ice cream, with cake, to spend the weekend with the Campanas, and with Dorothy and Noah and Enoch. Together in sunny Florida, feeding ourselves fresh oranges right off the trees and talking 'till hours wee and laughing on the couch and crying over piano music. These people and my Father, I love.

And you. I do hope you are well.


Adeline Grace


Regina said...

What a wonderful post Adeline! Thank you!

God Bless,

Anonymous said...

So glad to see you are posting again. Loved all the pictures. What a fun visit with your friends. Little Enoch is sure getting to be a big boy.


The Campana Family said...

We had such a wonderful time with ya'll! That picture of us laughing is priceless! LOL...I miss ya'll So much!
Come again soon. ~Love Mimi

SmithGang said...

Dorothy your little Enoch is so cute.glad to see you doing well.