Friday, March 29, 2013

They searcheth for grubs for our noonday respite.
The Crew takes Lunch Break
So strange seeing a house tilting.
A group shot by the house. I love this picture, it's so classic. (Carlo's hip action makes me laugh. LOL, lovely paint clothes, Sis! ;D The green in your  kitchen is perfect, by the way)
Mama got us the bestest lunch ever, with hot coffee, too, and pickles. Pickles are good.
Grand Mama's linens make your heart smile, and sigh with delight...
The picnic lunch at Over at Andrew's House
Sam stands stately, surrounded by Saplings.
We made a big bowl of milk shake - we had to eat it quickly - no problem!
I love you. And your smile, so much.
(You need a wee hair trim in the frontish regions, child. Poog will groom thee, hath no fears.)
The Picnic continues
"Who says I had mustard?"
Here's a picture of Paul, taken just for Lise! (We love and miss y'all!!)
Sam, I love this one of you, it makes me laugh out loud.
John, you bring much laughter. (I love you)
Green, the color! With polka dots and a watch. Me likes, as William would say.
"Well. It has a slight crunch, and a sappy flavor."
I wonder what my grandchildren will cherish?
The little boys made me laugh when they quoted Sparkler off Little Dorrit for this picture.
"Yes, my dearest love?"
"Oh, stop it grass-you're too funny."
One of the joys of boyhood.
On our way back to the house we passed Mike and two of his boys in their garden-it was so precious-Mike Jr. was overseeing Mikey and Carlos planting their first garden, and they were just ecstatic. Mikey was planting seeds (while working on his tan) and Carlo was showing me which row was his and which was Mikey's. Michael Jr. is such an incredible father. I love watching my brothers be dads. It is beautiful.
These house movers were truly artists. We were so blessed to have such skillful men to do this work. They maneuvered the house through pines and, without backing up and down, got the house to the exact angle and spot that was needed. Simply genius.   
 "Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will stand before kings and not before obscure men." 
The boys spent the rest of the day putting back all the fence work that had to be taken down for the moving. Samuel's hat. Magnifico.
John models a catching outfit for fence work.
I love the way my little brothers enjoy their work. They work so hard and have so much fun together. That is a real joy.
They got all the fences done before supper and I so enjoyed looking through all the pictures Paul got that afternoon.
Chevy's are the best, forever. (I know this is not a truck, but suburbans are beastly, too)
Men's boots and Georgia dirt.
And Jeans.  
Bliss. :) You gotta love your men!!!

The moving of the house, chatting with the neighbors, then that picnic with the whole family, gathered under the pines trees, watching the movers do that last few things while we ate Mama's burgers and drank her coffee, talking, laughing, tossing a few was a really special time that I love remembering. Daddy led us in prayer over the little house and for all who will live there. There is now another part of ground that has been covered in a memory soaked in joy and thanks to The One who created it, our Father Who gives good, good gifts to His children.

Happy evening, kind friend.




Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

Okay, that was AWESOME. How cool that they did all that. I have about a gazillion questions but I'm really hoping you're going to show the inside. I LOVE old houses. And as far as a Biscuit maker to put in there too bad you all live so far away as Kelsey makes some mean biscuits. LOL! She'd kill me if she knew I said that. Ha!
I can't wait to hear more.
Mrs. W aka Kim aka Crazy Woman aka Goofy Gal aka your friend from the south, well more south. *wink*

The Campana Family said...

Great post Adeline. Your captions had me rolling the entire time. ;)

"Oh grass, stop it your to funny."

Especially carlo's little pose! :)
We miss and love y'all. <3
"more south" ;)

pasco community said...


:) ~Daisy

Anonymous said...

Hello, I enjoy following your blog and this post sounds like Cleve and Lise have moved away. We haven't seen any pictures of them or their beautiful baby in so long. Wishing you all the best.

Mary M