Friday, March 29, 2013

Andrew's House Moving

Hello y'all!

Last Saturday was the day Andrew's little house moved from here... here!

Our kind neighbor, Mr. H., offered to give us the little house he grew up in if we would care to have it and move it out to the farm. It was built in the early 1900's and is the sweetest little cottage ever! We, of course, were honored and so grateful to the Lord and to Mr. H. for this tremendous gift and direct answer to prayer. Isn't God amazing!?

So, begins the saga of the transport of The Little White House to it's current spot on earth, The Hill beside The Corner, now known as "Over at Andrew's House". It is so exciting to see the Lord providing houses for our brothers and sons. It's really, neat, too, because this house is one we have passed a million times, as it was just up our road, and seems almost like an old friend. May God bless this little house...
The sun coming up.
Sam and I trek over before they move it, for pictures and looks.
Here's Tongue of Flame (the CRV) and Sam, for scale. ( and that's me, in shadow, waving.)
(Sam loves his morning coffee)
HUGE clasp thing, there. It was incredible watching the whole process.
 ("Beautiful isn't it? It took me half a lifetime to invent it.")
This creepy hippie woman was snooping around when we got there.
"Nice boards for my tree house."             
Didn't even have shoes, poor lady.
I wonder if that was painful.
We come to the future site!
(See Cleve's tiki hut? Destined to become Andrew's tropical garage, no doubt!)
"Hello Mr. Cow!!!" (I love Aunt Lisa's jokes)
 Hello! Driving around with Sam
Goodness. Every picture of me that morning makes me look either vagrant or mauled. Whatever.
The blackberries are blooming!!! They are so tiny, and so beautiful. The other day Mama took us all out in the woods and showed them to us. I love the way Mama is in 'wide eyed wonder', as Uncle Larry says, of God's tiniest treasures.
Half opened.
They're like a carpet under the pines.
Driving past...
...pines and looking through them to the neighbors!
Andrew getting everything ready for...
...this! Me and Mom and Marth drove up there to watch and it was AWESOME!!!  (see the houseage coming down the road?)
Forsooth! A Cottage traverses down the lane atop horseless carriage.
'Ze wonderful policeman who helped us with it all. (He was super nice, and even let us take his picture)
These guys were really amazing to watch.
Passing us...
It's one of the oddest things I've ever seen, a house going down the road.
So excited watching in the car!
A house for their 4th son...
One guy had this huge pole that he moved the cables with. The other guy got stuck with moving the branches, poor fellow.
After the guy moved the cables, he glued a large bunch of cotton on the  end of the ramp sticking out off the front of the house. This was to break the wind and acted as a sort of wind sock.
Ha! That was a joke. Did I get ya? :D I know I got at least one person. (I love you!!) The clouds really were gorgeous that day.

Above, Marms and Marth watch with our wonderful, wonderful neighbors. Many thanks to them for all their help with the fencing. They are quite a blessing.
Andrew with his house. Now all he needs is to "put a girl in it..." .  Or a biscuit-maker, as Mr. R. says.
Paul Man. You are quite a photographer, Young Speclet.
Back and forth, helping with the mover's needs. Aw. Chainsaws and horses look precious together.
Another house shot.
I asked this gentleman to pose and I was impressed with his stance. Very dreamy, my boy.
"What we do now is we turn ourselves in."
"But they'll put us in prison!"
"What, one, two years? When we get out, we'll have our stake."
"Stake? What stake?"
 "The re...The rewar-DUH."
Our precious Dad

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Kathy Johnson said...

Christopher and I took pictures of our home coming down the road. It was simply amazing! Christopher was four. Daniel was working, so he couldn't be there. Congratulations, Andrew!

Mrs.Rabe said...

How exciting! What an amazing blessing!

That house is cute, too!


Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Hi Adeline,

I love reading about what you all are doing! And you did get me about that cotton ball stick thing! :) I thought it was a flag in the picture!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful gift. It looks like such a cute cottage and will be so much fun for a bride to fix up someday.


SmithGang said...

Hope all is going well with his home. not everyday you can have an early morning tailgate party:) and watch a whole house move thru your front yard. Not one pecan limb was broken and of all the tiny trees planted not one was run over , Incredible!! many Blessings to Andrew and his homes future.

JJ Synan Getz said...

I remember when your family moved the house from in the city out to the country. I'd never even HEARD of house moving! But that was many years ago...

Charli Chelmsford said...

Seems like you're pretty excited with moving in. And you've exactly chosen a great place for a new residence. Please update us with what's happening in your life after moving in. Best of luck to you and your family.