Thursday, June 27, 2013

Photography Session 6/5/13 Madara S.

Maud is one of my dearest friends (and my cousin!) and her joy and love for the Lord uplift me and Martha every time we see her. We had so much fun out by the sunflowers, laughing, avoiding ants...and getting some of my favorite pictures ever, of one of my favorite people. 

 And I always save one of my favorites for last...I LOVE this one. And the top one, too. Here's to Maud!!

Have a beautiful day, kind reader.


Heather O said...

So, so pretty! Miss you all :)

Callie said...

beautiful photos Adeline. Such lovely bright colors and even brighter smiles! :-) I do love the last one! Always enjoy your posts!

Mrs.Rabe said...


What a lovely young woman. She's wearing a stunning color for her!

Well done, Adeline!


The Campana Family said...

Love love LOVE IT! Beautiful pictures and girl! Ah...I miss her!!!


SmithGang said...

She's so beautiful. great pictures.

Graceful Mom said...

Just so beautiful! Good job!