Saturday, July 6, 2013

Around the Farmish

Hello Y'all!

How is your Summer going? Ours is hot, hopping and happy-hope yours is too. God is so good, all the time. We're learning about, laughing over, struggling with, and enjoying this beautiful journey of life belonging to The King of Kings. Being His...there are no words...

Much love to you today! Daddy's taking us all out to a special dinner tonight. :D Our choices are:
Olive Garden, Longhorns or Red Lobster.
We kids get to pick and we're in a quandary. Recommendations? What's your fav? "I'm so e'sited!!" Good food delights my heart to extensive lengths... Ahh...the flavors, textures...fragrances...stir in some of your favorite people in the world and you have perfection!

On to randomness! Pictures, from all around:
 The garden! Sweet water.
The colors of Swiss Chard almost always make you stop & stare.
I give thee!!!

Phillitopis Mcfarland

He (was) a notorious rodent that Martha and I noticed in our poor dear bedroom, and one day we found him trying to drag this piece of dried French bread to his wee table in the wall. He was extremely bold and hence, the picture. Here he is, dragging his precious loaf off the field of battle. He was no more very shortly.  All of Scotland mourned. His gallantry will be remembered.
A dried cameilia. I thought it kept it's color so beautifully...
We have THE sweetest nephews in the world!! Here's Wally, one morning, bringing us some coffee from his house. Kate said later he was like, "Mama, can I bring Gwam Mama and the Aunthies and the Uncs somth coffee?"
(He then proceeded to fix it up himself with creams and sweet stuff and then hand delivered it, walking very slowly up so as not to slosh.)
Was there ever a sweeter 3 year old? My heart is melting all over again. My word.
Lise sent us some pictures in the mail-it was soo good to 'see' them!! Look at how huge Liam's getting!! Chunck Chunck! Texas is big, and all is well from their little home. (Wow, we miss them.)

Samuel (beastly stud that he is) got to fly out there with Cleve during a prep trip. He said the jet was incredible and that Texas was HUGE!
Our wonderful Sis-in-love!! (We like this girlie allot...)
Supper one afternoon goldeness...Is not our family getting small?

Mama's amazing hat. Mama and Daddy's room is one of the most peaceful places in the world. It really is. It is holy...
Bible study in Mom and Dad's room in mid-plunge. :)
Pouring footers at Andrew's house on that eventful Saturday. It's coming along and looking so sweet. (blow this one up, Paul is cute. Why, hello, Wesley.)
Knee favoritism.
Samuel! "I'm your man, Misses."

 Oh my WORD this was funny. I have laughed over these pictures. So good. Joey was trying to break this pine stick in two and he just gave it all he had. His expressions are priceless.
William should be a salesman. That smile would sell anything.
This car is phenomenal.

Living room in the evening. Sam's reading the Word and the chess board reminds me of Wives and Daughters...
On a family walk one evening. John taunts us with a special gift he found.
'ittle buger. 
What a blessing to have a father and mother who love each other.
"Fleet of foot and swift of limb" The urchins launch towards homeward...
Me and Sammy go to get some wheat at the office. That fabulous young man also got me a frappe. (They love us there) (also, brothers are really fun and wonderful)
Love it when the girls and their babies come to visit!!  Here's Kate and one of her crew with Marth.  LOL. Anna's right before a sneeze.

Movie night! We're all looking pretty excited here. Andrew, I like your lap robe.
*Laughing hard.* Blow this up for roars.
Mike and Kressy's house is coming along well!! Here's the kitchen, a month or two ago. It's finished tons more now. Kressant's colors are perfect!!!! Look great!!
LOL, Paul is CUTE! I love him. He's our faithful chicken man. See, below, yonder egglets.
This way you can have a large, medium or small fried egg with your toast and tripe.
That airplane's excited. Going somewhere high.
Isabella!! Wowzers. This baby girl is pret'ious.
Here is Her Majesty, feeding on crasins and chocolate chips. We got to baby sit her one afternoon and she soiled her frocks, so here she is, now, clean and fresh in one of Grand Daddy's tee shirts, wearing Mama's hat, which she begged to try on. She walked around very slowly for a while, looking up through the straw, making us all laugh after she walked past. Little Girls!!! Ah.
John has been running the CSA for the past year or so, and he's done an excellent job. Edwin and Paul help him with the harvesting and they keep the fields producing and weeded.  The three of them make a great team.
Some of the onions they grew! Ginormous.
Me and Marth at a painting party at Amanda's! Angela go to come, too...sleepover!!! Chocolate, talking, movies, late night rat-runs to the kitchen for crunchies...We had a total blast, and ended up getting enough paint on the walls and ourselves to meet requirements. We sure are nice here. Really rocking, that look I was going for.
Being Uncle Larry's daughter, I was surprised to find this was not an intentional pun.
My favorite flower in the Spring time!! They grow on trees all in our woods, and their fragrance is truly like the deepest perfume. We call them Bay flowers. The leaves are stunning, too - a silver-y gray green.
The petals caught the little tendrils so lovingly I had to get a picture. 
The same flower, a few days later.

The grass withers, and the flower fades, but the Word of my God shall stand, forever and ever... Read this  if you like. And this, if you have time. So beautiful, God's word-and It's true.

I love you all!   Have a really stunning evening, alright?



The Kendalls said...

Yay another post, Adeline!! Makes me miss ya'll and the happenings down there! Thanks so much for letting us come the other week, it was great! :) C

Mrs.Rabe said...

I hope your dinner out was wonderful!

Love seeing everyone on the farm and how everyone is growing up! Cleve and Lise look wonderful, so does that sweet boy.

I keep up with Kress and Rachel on FB, so happy about that.

Those grandchildren are precious! Truly!

So John is running the CSA! Wonderful - What is Andrew up to these days?

Kyle remembers Paul with great boyish affection. He had such a great time playing with him.

Blessings on the Morton Family!


Whiddon Family said...

Yay! Another wonderful post!

Adeline, Laney and I were just talking about what a wonderful job you do with y'all's blog. Just the perfect mix of pictures and beautifully written words.

Have a blessed Lord's Day~

Much love to you,

Regina said...

Such wonderful pictures Adeline! It is almost as if all of your readers are right there with you, experiencing the loveliness with you. What a dear you are!

In Christ,