Friday, July 12, 2013

Luke Anthony is here!!

Praising the Lord for the safe arrival of our newest grandson, Luke Anthony! Rachel is doing wonderful! She and Wesley are amazing parents-so grateful for them! He's 7 lbs and 2 oz, with hair!!! :D I can hardly wait to hold him!! God is faithful, God is good. Blessed be His name.

Oh-and he and his very happy Grand Mama now share a birthday.

Happy birthday to Mama and Luke!!!!!


Alyssa said...

Praise the Lord! So excited!

Love you all,

P.s. Happy Birthday Aunt Jeanine! :)

Mariah Campana said...

yay so excited for yall

zach-Snack via campana computer

Anonymous said...

congratulations! he soo cute!!


victoria said...

Congratulations and happy birthday to baby and grandma!


Mrs.Rabe said...

Happy BIRTHday to Luke and Happy Birthday to Jeanine!

How fun to share a birthday.

He is such a beautiful baby. Don't know that there are any non beautiful Morton Grands.

Love to you all


Mariah Campana said...

Praise the Lord! what a cutie. :) we are so excited!!!!

Miss ya'll.

Love ~Mimi

sorry about the comment mix up. :)

SmithGang said...

Awww he is beautiful, congratulations to you all. happy birthday Mrs. Morton.
from the Smith Gang

Anonymous said...

cute baby and what a blessing to have a nephew