Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Kennedy Post

Greetings one and all!
Me and Martha were talking with a dear friend-over-the-ocean the other day, laughing, eating M&M's and taking pictures of ourselves to send to her...and I thought I'd post it!

So here's for you, Kennedy, us in picture! (Can't wait to see you in person SOON! :))  
Oh, here's Marth's new shirt that I told you about. Aren't the gathers beautiful? Found it a few days ago at goodwill.  Ann Taylor.  Oo la la.
Oh, and here's my special phone. HA!! :D  "Can I get you a brochure?" (Notice the dead black phone on the island. The one I dropped in the dishwater? Yes....)
Awwwww....this is so sad!! Here is the little tiny baby bird Marth found in the chimney while I was talking with you, that we were hollering over. The CPR didn't work. :( (ridiculous I know) This is very sad and very gross. See the poor claws clutched thusly?

Every year, we play land lord to a fascinating ritual of chimney sweep-family building.  We wouldn't know what to do if we did not hear the little family in the chimney every summer. It usually goes without a hitch.  *sigh*
And look!!!! Mama is THE cutest girl ever born. Then, now and forever!! I think she was about 6 or 7 here. Doesn't she make you smile?   She celebrated her birthday this month - July, as did quite a few of us here at Calathora!
And here's that egg toss at Martha's party!!! It was a riot and we had so much fun. Katie and Aunt Lisa won.

Just wanted to tell you we miss you and love you! And loved getting to talk, too. Oh, and Marth mailed you some of those M&Ms...they should get there soon. Trans-continental junk food party! Oh yeah!

You are a blessing to us.

Love you.

Adeline and Martha


Mrs.Rabe said...

Fun, fun, fun!

Well, except that poor baby bird. Ah-hem.

Your Mama is darling, then and now.

Give our most heartfelt greetings to everyone!


Whiddon Family said...

Always love your delightful post, Adeline. Send our love to everyone on the farm!
Thank you so much for the blessing y'all are to our family. ~

Have a blessed evening,

Kennedy said...

OH Adeline and Martha,
This made my day!! I loved talking to you two. Everything makes a little more sense with the pictures!! :) The bird was as dead as I pictured though :D HAHA!
I feel so privileged to have a post in my honor! ;)
Love you two and miss you guys like crazy...