Thursday, August 1, 2013

Saturday morning found all we ladies and our picnic stuff jammed into three cars and starting off to Pebble Hill for Martha's picnic!

We are so blessed in her.

Mama, Katie, Dorothy, Martha and I were all in the Suburban together on the ride there, and I think that was one of my favorite times from the weekend...we talked about the Lord and His mercy to us...about Martha, and how much we love her...about Grand Mama, and her being the one who gave us all the gift of life, through carrying Mama and, then Mama, us. We sang some hymns as grass and pine trees flew by in a blur, and laughed with tears over how much joy there is and how much we loved Grand Mama and how much Jesus loves us...isn't is really, unspeakably amazing to be His!? And to be together, on our way to a whole day with wonderful people as we celebrate Martha, and her life that brings so much honor to the Giver of it...and there were M&Ms, too.
Then...blama-da-blama!!! The Suburban tire blew, (shredded, really) and we found ourselves 14 damsels in distress with no man, so we abandoned our carriage and all stuffed into the two remaining vehicles!! It was actually kind of fun. :D
Rachel has been rather mechanically minded since she married Wesley.

"We could perhaps use this lid as a spare until we reach out destination. It is similar in shape and even has a handle to attach it with."
Party stuff transfer!
All crammed in! Poor Darth had to squeeze back there. She did manage to get her seat belt on though, brilliant soul. More like a noose belt, but it worked!
(  ;) actually she is stuffing pillows in)
Almost done....
And we're here! Isn't it stunningly beautiful!? This is a really special, beautiful place.

Our wonderful guests were already there to greet us, like good guests always do, and we hugged all around! Then, while a few of us set up our picinica, and I added my special touch to the van and it's keys (won't go there) everybody explored the beautiful gardens and pathways, talking with friends.
Darth and 'Yana! Dee, can you believe you're holding Rachel's little girl, and she's your niece!!!? Time is so amazing.
"We will attack now!!"
"Sire, I plead with thee...
"I beg thee my league-may not the sandwiches be buried here, among these slopes?"
Alyssa Rose!!!
Abbi bosses the girls while Marty pouts and Grace stands defiant. 
"No, ma'am, we're not going back to Noah's ark. We've already seen the hippos..."
They almost look like triplets. :)
Martha Harriet and Mama Love

Mama said a blessing over Martha and gave thanks for the people gathered and the food prepared.
It was 'dericious!
All the gifts and the letters and songs were simply beautiful.

And she got lots of the above Health Tablets. :D
Abbi, Becka and Grace sang for Martha. It was so encouraging to listen to, and really incredible watching these three sisters sing before the Lord together to bless His Martha...
Laughing over the notes....memories...
(Love seeing these girls laugh...)
Aunt Christine reading...
The whole Party

(minus wonderful Taylor, who was taking the picture...oh, and thanks so much for letting me use some of your fantastic pictures! Thinking of you...)
Ah, Angela and her cards. They never cease to wow!
Aunt Laura's words to Martha.
Listening and laughing.  

Each envelope and bag was filled with such love. The time together really meant alot. This day was like one of those spots in a life when you look back and remember it as an oasis and stopping point, to celebrate life and each other, and to tell God how much we thank Him for it all.
After that is was time for the games to begin!!

Here we are, with the egg toss. You draw a number, get your buddy, then stand one step away from her, toss it, take a step back, toss it again, step back, and so on until one or the other drops, eats, throws or crushes the egg.  It was blastful!!
I drew Aunt Christine's name, which was who I wanted to draw (because she's really fun) and we almost won, too. :D And Daisy and Grace got each other!  I love it. How did that happen!? :D Still laughing over that one toss...hehe....I love those two girls so much!
"Humph. Games? I've seen better organized riots."
 Ariana watches quizzically.

"What morons. Throwing those chicken eggs back and fourth at each other, endangering their frocks with yolk, when they could be sitting in their strollers, freshly diapered with a whole tray of cheerios before them...."
The Victors rejoice! Congratulations to Aunt Lisa and Katie!! (We had to calm Auntie down after about 10 minutes of cheering and victory dancing) 
Martha and Becka were exiled to the picnic blanket as second place winners.
The winning distance. Pretty good!
Prizes! Prizes!

Talking! (of course)
(Grace, all I can think about is "Abbi, Abbi!! Abbi..." make me smile...)
"The Bird!!!! Whaa-hah-aahh!!" (inside joke) Love your hair like that by the way.
Dessert was fantabulous, made by Amanda-strawberry trifles in a jar, with a mint sprig.
Brilliance a la Panda.
Elizabeth was SO cute, sleeping soundly upright in Aunt Dee's arms.
These three look like snobbish royals here. 
"Bring me another trifle. At once!!" (Marty does not tolerate sluggish servants.)
Sarah then glares at the paparazzi while Martha simply ignores them.
It's really good to see everyone. Standing around talking is one of the best ways to enjoy an afternoon!
"And then I like, blew my nose like this or whatever, and was like, oh my word...!!"

Dorothy started clapping with delight over the story while Becka tried to keep lunch in place...
Hats are really, truly wonderful. Mama and Auntie wear them splendidly.
(real quick, while we're on the subject, check this out!!! I mean, it's big but it's incredible!! Wonder what it would look like on? Also this one. And in men's hats...'dis. Polka dots in little bits are so fabulous among the brethren.
Gabriella and I took at short stroll down to the pond. There were tiny lily pads in the grass that suctioned to your bare feet and it felt rather ethereal.
We did not see any alligators as planned, however.
The trees looked so enormously tall that day. It was almost shocking. I don't know why things seem bigger or brighter on some days more than others, but it does seem like that sometimes, doesn't it?
Martha flowers
It's amazing thinking about these two when they were little...
Taking a stroll around the plantation...
They were setting up for an evening wedding on the grand lawn and we got to see all the fun stuff! The scale was very interesting and I would have loved to have seen it with humans added and music for atmosphere.
A closer look. Love the shape of the velvet couch.
Continued strolling
Campbell and Mariah! It is such a delight watching these two be such dear, precious friends. I love them so much.
Reminds me of The Sound of Music!!
Happy young Mama
Oh, you should see the herb/kitchen garden behind them. Wow'azers.
Spanish moss, one of the most wonderful things in the world!!
The girls navigate the maze
Mama and Auntie under one of the huge crepe myrtles...
...and us girls under the arbor on the bench, a perfect way to finish off our wonderful day at Pebble Hill.
Camellias, I love.

On the way home we stopped by McDonalds for a frappe (why else do you go to town?) and sang and sang all the way home, windows down, hair blowing and together.

Happy 20th birthday, Martha.

We love you, so much.


Adeline, for all of us

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Happy belated birthday Martha. What wonderful pictures. Looks like you all had a wonderful time in such a pretty place.