Thursday, August 1, 2013

Celebrating Martha

Even though her 20th birthday was back in January, we celebrated her 20th year with a special 'surprise' (LOL....) birthday party for her in March. Even though she ended up knowing, we had a blast planning and scheming, and enjoying the whole weekend with out of town company that came in for the occasion. We love you, Martha!!

And, so the weekend begins!
The C. family came in Wednesday (love them, so much!!!) and we all behaved admirably through out the weekend, attending to chores and ice cream and other duties. They bless our family very, very much.
Here we are, dancing in the kitchen while dinner is being prepared. Blastful.
(as you can see, we have that Spanish flare of elegance...moveimiento, senoritas! Mariah, I especially like your stance in the first picture. That's very becoming. "The bird!!! Ohh, ohhh. The Squiggle!")
One of the best meals on the earth, Auntie's chicken picatta with her salad and French bread. The only thing better is everybody in the kitchen making it! (well, Aunt Lisa is the one who makes, it, with a little help from  her girls. It is soo good.) 
Andrew most always slices the chicken. Mariah presses fresh garlic for sauce, and Alyssa always sits at the bar and gives advice and directions to the one spinning the lettuce. That's always helpful. "Yes, one more turn. That's right. Exactly...."

Andrew's like, "Would you please not handle the fabric?"  (One of my favorite lines to use around the house.)
Edwin is our poison control center. Every bowl must be tested for non organic ingredients. ;P

The Sanders are here!!!! We love that family. 
Andrew and Grace demonstrate good posture for us in the above photograph. 

This was so precious. Abs was spinning Ariana around and she was just a-cack-aling. Abbi is so wonderful. (look at Ariana's smile in the middle picture! Oh. my. word.)
I like to call them "theese cakeths". 'Tis near manna, I'm sure.
Saturday night everybody who was there played WW11. Yes, my friends. What authenticity! This seriously is FUN. (Kenni, Bridget was sorely missed. Or was it Gretchen? :) You are fabulous)

Sunday morning Enoch was cracking me up. He was waiting on his waffle that his Grand Mama was making him, and Dorothy was like, "smile for Auntie, Enoch!" and he gave me the top picture, LOL. Good grief. Then, "Exuse me, Aunt Poog? How many more minutes until we breakfast?" This little boy is, ah-he's just SO nearly edible.


Mrs.Rabe said...

Fun stuff!

Parties with dear friends are the best!

Love those photos of Enoch! Oh my!


Mariah Campana said...

Oh my! You had me rolling with all of your hilarious captions Adeline!
We had Such a wonderful time "Dancing" and fellowshipping with ya'll. :)
Martha's Party "was a Blast".

Miss and Love Ya'll.