Saturday, March 15, 2014

And then, we got to have them at our place for a few days!!!! Hooray!!! are a portion of the men, very very late one night, talking...
And! My friends, we hath rodent. And same said rodent becameth hunted. Here is same said hunt. End of story.
Some of us girls, very very late one night. (So so glad Dorothy, Noah and Enoch (and Patrick still inside!) got to come see them while they were in town!!)
Here is when everyone was near collapsing after a very fun and strenuous game in the barn. (the celebrated "Mucho Bug" game, that needs an ambulance at the foot of the mountain. :) Hahaha! So worth it all!!!
We even got Mr. Joel and Mrs. Jessica to play, which made it THE best game ever. Don't you love it when the parents play!!? :D They were on their way to bed, dear souls, and then stopped and played with us, and made our day. So fun.
Kennedy's apple art.
Adeline's chocolate and earring art. And footed-glass art.
 So, so good to be with Dorothy!!! She is joy.
Shan-Hi-Rummy at Rachel's!!! Their home is just blastful.

And here is the way cutest child ever! Ariana, Princess girlie...isn't she just so beautiful!!!?
"So. Would you like some chocolate? Hum? Ask me sweetly. Yes, child.... is one. One for da pwen'tess..."
The Uncs pause for a wee bit of spying action. Those 'I Spy' books will trap you for hours.

"Ummm...Uncle John?"
One of the days, me, Marth and Keni-Ken went on a woodsy trek. I don't know when I've had so much fun, feeling leaves and dirt and climbing trees together and watching the sun go down through the moss. Nor laughed so hard at each of us as we climbed. HAHA!!!
"I am a wilderness explorer. Kaaa!! Kaaa!!" LOL...
I love the woods in the Fall...
Haha! This dear, poor heart shadow turned rather creepish with six arms flailing about. Looks like a preying mantis, I'm afraid.
Us in "That Really Funny Tree" on the way to the bridge.
And, the bridge. The most wonderful spot in the world, pretty much.
We found our tree and commenced to impersonate aged sloths. (It is difficult to look agile and young when clinging to a tree trunk in a fit of laughter.) But here's the three of us, up!
We found three perfect perches, and just sat there for a long time together. Talked, took pictures of stuff, looked at everywhere, and laughed over things...For some reason being up in that ridiculous tree was very meaningful, and special, and I loved it...
Check out some of these amazing things we saw!!! The most fabulous 'Y's I've ever seen!!!! Wouldn't this be perfect for one of those cool collages Abbi does, where she like, gets pictures of all this stuff that looks like letters and puts them in a row to make a word?

It also looks like a quacking duck head.
'ello there, kindly natives!!!
Thorn leaf. It's still so pretty, though, isn't it?
Perfectly happy.
The view above me!
Bird Dog, (our new wooonderful German Short haired that we love, love, love to pieces) greets us upon our decent.
(The dear beast came with the wonderful name, and we've grown to adore it, simple as it is. Who else has a bird dog named Bird Dog? No one, I wager. So it is very original. :D )
"Greeting to thee, ominous, burly beast in black. Whilt thou show me the way back to the hamlet?"

(We also had fun carrying various objects back, for fun. Each other, using military methods, and logs, namely. I will spare you the record of such exploits.)
On another day-

Meanwhile, back at the ranch,-
John and Tayte proceed in a battle in muscle.
Cuties!! The then-courting couple was put to forced labor chopping sweet potatoes. (They are SO adorable!!!) I don't think they minded. :)
CSA came and went while they were here. Keni helps me bake cinnamon rolls for deliveries. She is just such a wonderful friend, just being herself, laughing, talking. She would jump up and serve around the house without anybody saying anything. She is such a comfortable person. We just love her.
One Sunday night, Wesley and Rachel had everybody over, the dears-here we are, playing dominos over soup and biscuits. And above is Tayte, good man, holding his future nephew!!! Martha loves this picture. :D
(John, I love the cup, extended in goodwill. You are fantastic.)
Darphus and Keni-ken.
Mums and Mrs. Jess, wonderful mothers, washing up after all their progeny and hubbies breakfasted.
Why, good morning, Enoch!! Still waking up, young specimen?"
"What is 'dis, Aunt Marfa? Look!!!"
I LOVE this picture, so much.

Off to towny town with  Sam, Dee, Keni, Marth and Bella Boo! Stopped at Baell's to get some hardware, and got some fresh rootbeer, the best in the world!!!
"Let it begin, let it begin!!!!"
I enjoyed pelting my little friend with dry goods. :D LOL.
And, we met Rach & Co. in Walmart! I can't begin to say how hilariously odd and fun it is to run into your siblings in town. Love it!!! Above, 'ana work hard to ensure Mother has to purchases the bananas.
Shopping Art of Martha.
And Andrew killed a beast!!!! This deer is now gracing the shelves of our freezer, hand cut by Sirs Thomas, Dakota and John, wrapped by respective sisters and Young Paul. Above, John show us the position of the heart with the heart, before Beast was slain.
Thank goodness he didn't really eat it raw.
Oh my word. He did eat it raw. Raw without salt. Brave lad.
The packers.
"Please melt my frozen heart. It bleeds for you. I'm saving it for you."
(cheese overload, my friends)
And----my favorite new feature in our home-The Door!!! The door into the girl's bathroom, is now, the autograph door!! Isn't that so cool!!? In memory of something special that we miss. :)
The First Signer!
Ta-da! The beginning of something wonderful, and something that makes us feel so blessed when we look at it everyday.
Later in the week, John, Edwin Paul and I met up with D&K and some of the wonderful FRoberts girls at the storage building to help pack up the moving truck for long travel. Had never done that, so that was new and very facinating.
And...check out this super cool facility! One feels just like Indiana Jones here.
It was so amazing walking through the walls of stuff, pack away in creates. There were these tiny isles between, and they made for the most phenomenal photography opportunities. I got Kennedy and Campbell (who were dressed alike and looked just like twins! So cute!) to be my lovely subjects, and voila! Pretty neat, eh? Couldn't decide which I liked best, color or B&W.
 Sweet Campbell!
 "Push, my lambs!"
 (Love these girls...) last, it's all in! I think the packers were impressed. Dakota and Kennedy were amazing and did a fantastic job. (they had some fabulous help, too. ;) )
(Mr. and Mrs. J. had left a few days before with the younger specimens, hence D&K's solo packing!)
And here's the whole family! Miss and love them. It was so, so very good to see their faces again, and hear those wonderful Decker laughs.

Love you all, wonderful people.

Happy evening,



Mrs.Rabe said...

I love these posts!

Adeline it's a lot of work to post these photos and tell what's happening, but its so fun to keep up with everyone.

Martha and Tayte are so cute. Have they set a date yet?

All your boys are growing up so quickly!


Mortonclan said...

Hey Mrs. Rabe!
So good to hear from you! (aren't pictures fun!?)

Martha and Tayte have not set a date yet-Tayte really wants to have a nice place for her and is still working on the logistics-but as soon as he gets an estimation of how long it'll be, they'll set a date and we'll be counting the days down to the big day!! We are so thrilled and excited about all God has done in bringing them together. He is so good. (and are not they THE cutest couple ever!!? They make me smile when I look at them together. :D )

How is your family? I sooo enjoyed all the wedding pictures and newsy-tid bits before and after Lindsay's wedding! Mrs. Rabe, that was a beautiful wedding. I think what struck me most was the incredible joy in Lindsay and Joseph's eyes that was caught in the pictures. (I know that might sound cliche) but it really was striking. Praise the Lord for this beautiful love!!!

God bless you and yours!

Love, Adeline

Kennedy said...

Oh my! This brings back such memories....and made me laugh. I miss you guys so much! We need to make a trip to GA soon ;)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures of wonderful times. You have much to be thankful for and treasure. Hope you and your family have a great growing season on the farm. I'm excited that spring is finally here!