Saturday, March 15, 2014

The D's came to visit! October, 2013

...and we were all so, so happy!!! Welcome back to North America, dear friends.

We are so grateful to the Lord for this very special family. They're just, well, wonderful. And even if they're still far away (and still missed...) at least they're on the same continent, LOL.  

So, the night of their much anticipated arrival, we all stuffed ourselves into the K.'s house for a surprise Welcome Home/ Mrs.-Jessica's-Birthday party!!!
Martha, Sarah and Thomas!! (Thomas has instructions for the paparazzi-"only 3, ma'am, 3 pictures allowed during the interlude..")
While we wait for them to arrive, we amuse ourselves by laughing at each other as we try out the party popper/blower thingies!!! Everybody nearly passed out trying too hard to make the darn things work. They were hilariously fun!!

(Above: Christine's two evil henchmen prepare for battle)
Cup pyramid.
Before party! (TJ and Auntie are so precious this shot)
"Hey!! You!! Girl! Watch this!!"
"I am afraid I brought no gift for the hostess."
Party-blower-thingie wars. Dear Paul-"you are out matched. You have no heavy cavalry...."
And...we wait in the darkness of the cellar!! (John says this is Benjamen's arm)

(Oh my word, surprise parties are SO much fun to be at. I love the anticipation!! It's so blastful, and everybody gets excited, no matter how old you are. :D )

So, we all cram ourselves into the kitchen, turn off the lights and close the doors, and then we hear them arriving, and Aunt Angie showing them around the house and then....!!
Few things are more precious in life then greeting people you love....
Bella and Kade!!!! They're so sweet!!! And growing!!   Kade was just a little specimen for the longest time...
People. Love. Voices.
Cake and candles!!

Happy Birthday Mrs. Jessica!!!!! love love being with these people!!

Timothy went last, and realized sanitation was an issue.

Beautiful, my friends.
The pom poms were so fantastic. And all the viewers are fantastic, too.
And....getting to curl up on the couch beside the piano, quiet and still, and have Keni-ken play. Hearing some old ones, and the memories they bring, and then hearing new ones that draw you into the place you are now, making themselves part of the present, marking themselves the melodies for this time in the future...
(This one is simply remarkable, The Second Dance. Perfection!!)
It's such a blessing having such gifted friends. :D
And Martha and Thomas danced. His little smile and her bare feet in the soft carpet...
(This couch is truly beastly.) The inhabitants look comfy, too, which is a good thing for a sofa. Also observe the catastrophic ottoman. Ah...the K.'s home is so wonderful.
The Moms chat over coffee and cake.
"Then, I had to tap him twice, and he was like, SO gone."
Soft laughter and "More creamer, Jessica?"
"Then me and the kids loaded back into the van and made it to Cosco before it closed. So, then, we saw this..."
I LOVE hearing Bella tell stories or play. Little Girls are so wonderful.
  And, now it's present time for Mrs. Jessica!!!
 (At this point, Zac, Mrs. Jessica and Mrs. Angie began bobbing and laughing with excitement over the gifts.)
 That is a good coffee cup.
( Uncle Si!!!!)

And so ends a wonderful evening.

Happy birthday, Mrs. Jessica.

We love you.

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